ARMS launches this month and represents a sizeable event in the life of the Switch; an entirely new IP which could birth a lucrative franchise in the same vein as Splatoon.

As you might imagine Nintendo is doing its utmost to generate hype for the release; alongside canny tactics such as the ARMS Global Testpunch the company is rolling out TV commercials to promote awareness.

Above you'll see the latest Japanese advert for ARMS, which does a pretty effective job in communicating the appeal of the game. Motion controls are very much at the forefront - something that could convince former Wii owners to take the plunge with Nintendo's latest console (assuming they can find one in stores, that is).

Below is the UK commercial, which recycles the live-action footage from the reveal earlier in the year and uses a lot more in-game footage:

What do you make of these latest commercials? Do you think ARMS is going to be a Splatoon-sized smash? Feel free to throw some punches in the comments section below, but do try not to break anything.