If you head into pretty much any toy store on the face of this planet you'll probably be able to pick up a Pokémon-themed watch for loose change, and while that might be enough for most fans of the series, it's good to know that those with more money than sense have other options. With that in mind, watchmaker RJ-Romain Jerome has created a Pokémon timepiece which costs - wait for it - $258,000.

Dubbed the "Tourbillon Pokémon", this one-of-a-kind item is described as “the perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials.” Quite. That sounds like a bad thing to us, but then we're old and grumpy.

The watch's colourful dial - which features 3D effect characters from the series - is set within an all-black 48mm case, while the strap is made from black alligator, enhanced with yellow and blue stitching.

We can think of a million and one things we'd spend $260,000 on instead of this, but what about you?

[via highsnobiety.com, romainjerome.ch]