One unique strength of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to support local multiplayer right out of the box, with the Joy-Con controllers instantly getting two players involved. On top of that the portability means players can take the system elsewhere to play with others - Ultimate Chicken Horse, coming to the system Q3 this year, could fit into this rather nicely.

Already a hit on PC, it's a party game in which players quickly create platforming stages and then compete to clear them. If you add hazards to a stage you can beat but your opponent meets their doom, you win the round.

The trailer and description below should give you a taste of what this one's all about.

The console release of Ultimate Chicken Horse will introduce an extension to Free Play mode that allows players to create fully-functional levels from start to finish, rather than just placing obstacles and traps. PC players will receive a free update on console launch day, maintaining parity between all versions.

Inspired by the schoolyard basketball game H.o.r.s.e., Ultimate Chicken Horse has players alternate between placing traps, gadgets or platforms and running through their communal creation toward the goal.

Ultimate Chicken Horse has three game modes. In Party Mode, players choose from a handful of blocks to place and turns are simultaneous. Creative Mode opens up the entire inventory for players to choose from. Free Play Mode enables a single player to design levels from the full suite of objects, which they can save and share online. There's also a solution for players who don't have 4 controllers; Couch Hot Seat Mode which is like Creative Mode, but turn-based.

It looks like a potential hit for the Switch; is this one you're interested in picking up?