We've seen successful and doomed romances through Nintendo apps in the past, from marriage proposals made via Swapnote to a love that died too soon on Miiverse. Just recently, though, a rather charming example has emerged through StreetPass, as the big question was asked from one 3DS owner to another.

Shared by Nintendo UK, Andrew Hannay posted photos of his proposal to Nicky via StreetPass hits. Now, if we've got this right, he'll have had to wait for the personal reply in a follow-up hit, so if his partner didn't tell him face to face right away the tension would have been rather intense.

Thankfully the answer was also 'Fantastic' when Andrew asked what Nicky thought of him - an accidental "OK, I guess..." might have been awkward.

It's charming to see StreetPass used for such an important point in a couple's lives - Nintendo power of a different kind.