Two star-crossed lovers, and a Wii U

Miiverse is a powerful social tool which has won a lot of fans since it launched on the Wii U back in 2012. The recent expansion of the service to the 3DS has allowed it to become bigger than ever, with millions of users interacting with one another, sharing thoughts on games and generally connecting in a safe and friendly environment.

Given the warm and fuzzy nature of the service, it's perhaps inevitable that close relationships can blossom — but as is often the case in life, sometimes these meetings can turn sour. Take the tragic story of Allan and Nicole, two star-crossed Nintendo gamers who met recently on Miiverse and shared a brief (and often unintentionally amusing) connection. They even managed a quick game on Luigi's Mansion 2 before it all went badly wrong.

Nintendo has always maintained that Miiverse is a tool best used when applied to the realm of gaming — this is perhaps a fine example of why that should always be the case.

Thanks to nintendomasterr for the tip.