A couple months ago, FreezeME hit the North American eShop, bringing some old fashioned 3D platforming action to the digital storefront. Though we thought it was a bit derivative of the games it was obviously inspired by, we nonetheless gave it a good recommendation, suggesting that fans of this genre should give it a look. It seems that the game will be improved in the near future, too, as a recent update just passed Nintendo's approval.

The update adds a few features that make the overall experience more enjoyable, along with fixing a whole slew of bugs that were present in the initial release. Most notably for the new features, R's air meter will last longer and a green statue has been added to the hub where you can change Green Pigcoins. You can find the full changelog here, it's quite an exhaustive list. For those of you that bought this in Europe, all the changes have already been implemented.

What do you think? Are you glad to see these changes? What did you think of FreezeME? Drop us a comment in the section below.