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Cult Classic Plok Transcends from Video Game to eBook

Posted by Alex Olney

Beyond the pixel'd realm

Those who are well-versed in their SNES heritage should be aware of a sadly overlooked game from 1993 or 1994, depending where you were at the time. The name of the game in question is Plok - a platforming game where the titular character can remove and launch his limbs wherever he pleases in a style that's thankfully more Rayman and Ristar than Mortal Kombat.

After our hero had raised numerous items of clothing to the top of equally numerous flagpoles and his adventure was complete, Plok plonked himself down in a comfy chair and drifted off into the land of slumber. Unfortunately a sequel was never released, and so for nearly two decades fans have been left wondering as to what became of our anatomically incorrect jump-and-puncher.

Last year our wonderings were brought to an end with the release of Plok The Exploding Man – a webcomic series produced by the Pickford brothers who were the original developers of the game. As gleeful as it is to see Mr. The Exploding Man on a website, it was nowhere nearly as exciting as finding out earlier today that the chaps are releasing an eBook compiling the entire first volume of comic from the site, along with beautifully illustrated character profiles.

The volume kicks off exactly where the game left and takes Plok through no end of exciting endeavours.

Plok The Exploding Man is available now on Apple's iBooks store and Amazon's Kindle store. You can also order a print copy from CreateSpace – an on demand printing service from Amazon.

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Dogpigfish said:

This is not an ad. I released Super Puzzle Guy Adventure on Ouya before thinking about moving it to Wii U; everyone keeps telling me it reminds them of super mario world, but over and over again I keep telling them the game was inspired by Plok. Thanks Nintendolife for posting this so now the masses have a clue of what I was talking about. In many ways Plok inspired many games including Rayman.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

PLOK was my favourite hero on SNES, and I still play the game today! The best platformer of its time, especially technology-wise.

@eviLaTtenDant Sadly, the Pickford brothers don't really have the means to do so, and also don't want to bring PLOK to the WiiU eShop. A damn shame, but it's their decision. And we already had their story about how stuck-up Nintendo was when they tried to release a game for WiiWare...



JPickford said:

Hello everyone. Thanks for the kind words.

With regard to Plok appearing on the eShop, until recently we were under the impression that we didn't own the copyright to the SNES ROM. Thanks to the investigative efforts of some fans of the comic (and others) it turns out we do own the game outright.

We've nothing to announce just yet but things are looking positive with regard to eShop. Nintendo reached out to us after the article about Naked War and have been very encouraging.

As for a new game, that really depends on the comic gathering momentum and building an audience which would justify it.



StarBoy91 said:

I love Plok (even though I have difficulty beating its Normal mode), and I love the webseries that I've read (I've clicked the link to the site, bookmarked it, and am loving every issue that I've read. Looking forward to the next one).



LittleIrves said:

@JPickford If you're the real Mr. Pickford, I hereby support a VC release of PLOK!
If you're a clever fan with a sneaky demeanor: How dare you for getting my hopes up.

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