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Video: This Nintendo Pocket Football Club Trailer Goes For Silverware

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

From strugglers to winners

Nintendo Pocket Football Club arrives in Europe next week on 17th April, and based on its development time and attention to detail it's certainly one to consider for football fans in the region. Some of you may have missed the fact that our review gave it a strong recommendation, as its publication time clashed with a certain Super Smash Bros. Direct.

We're fans of this one's approach to combining cute presentation and accessibility with surprising depth, making it a potential dark horse on the 3DS eShop. Nintendo's keen to spread the work to make that happen, and has released a neat new video that shows the potential route from the lowest league to all conquering champions, outlining that plenty of time and effort is needed to succeed.

Check it out below and let us know whether this is on your 3DS wishlist.

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WYLD-WOO said:

What a great trailer and what a tune.

I`m really excited about this game. Great review by the way NintendoLife. I really like the fact that you have to watch each game and can`t skip it. I shall be spending lots of time on it, I`m sure.



unrandomsam said:

Is it better than say the Vita Football Manager ? (That is the competition). Don't think I will be getting it.



Anguspuss said:

Stuff fifa 15 Legacy again Edition this is the one for gamming on the go.

(maybee sega might notice & bring us another managment sim as well)



FubumblR said:

Heads up, Sir Thomas--I doubt Nintendo is "keen to spread the work" in your second paragraph.

Wonder Proofing Powers, deactivate!

Or perhaps they are, I know I am. ;P



SPUD said:

I'm not a footie fan, but I love sim games. I'm very tempted........



Windy said:

That seriously looks cool. I'm not a huge fan of soccer but do like the soccer(football) games. I didn't think I would like Inazuma Eleven and after a rocky start got hooked. I guess in a way this would be a lot like Inazuma Eleven anyway. If this makes it west I'm buying I like that type of 3d somebody should use it as a blueprint for other sports games.



andrea987 said:

Nice trailer, but why are they not mentioning online play at the end, only local multiplayer?



Anguspuss said:

Eurogamer has a review cough cough of this but no screen shots except those releaed & some vague information. Hell what am I saying Eurogamer is a totaly credible site for reviews.

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