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Nocturnal Plants a New Flowerworks HD Trailer Ahead of Launch

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shows off blooming nice effects

There aren't many WiiWare titles getting re-purposed for the Wii U, but part of a select group with a few others is Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure from Australian developer Nocturnal. Due in this week's update (17th April) in North America and May in Europe, it'll have a discount price of $3.50 in its first month before going to a standard price of $6.

This version will feature 60 frames-per-second performance at 1080p and an adventure that the developer believes is between 15-20 hours for most players, all improving an experience that we rather enjoyed on the Wii download service. Should sales go well, meanwhile, the funds are set to support a new Wii U-exclusive project in the future.

We'll be planting the seeds for our review soon, but in the meantime Nocturnal's Michael Shamgar has given us a heads up on the launch trailer that's just been released. Check it out below and let us know whether you're tempted to pick this up.

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sinalefa said:

Getting this as soon as I get home tomorrow. I will also get a GBA game to see how it looks



HeroOfCybertron said:

I might have to check this game out before it goes to $6.
Can this game be played 1 player or just 2, Nintendo's site says "No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous" that confuses me a little bit?



sinalefa said:


As far as I know, it can be played single player, but during the fireworks stages a second player can join you to help you feed the flowers, as can be seen in this video at 1:36

I just hope my color blindness will not affect my enjoyment of this one, as I read the Wiiware review and it seems some flowers are color coded and must be fed with the appropriate color pollen.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - Colorblind? That sucks, sorry to hear.

If you're looking for a GBA game on Wii U I've put about 20 hours into Advance Wars, surprisingly well worth the $8 for a 13 yr. old game. I think I need to find the Gamecube sequel now to play on the old Wii. My kids have made some really cool levels in the editor too. I cant believe a 13 yr old handheld game had such a full functioning map design program.

I was laying in bed this morning trying to remember what upcoming game I wanted to buy for $3.50, thanks for the reminder. Need to go check if my $5 DDP coupon is ready. Though maybe Ill save that for the Mario n Luigi superstar RPG.



sinalefa said:


Thanks for the advice. I am not a huge strategy fan (FE Awakening still unplayed), so I was leaning more towards M&L or Golden Sun.

I am not into Peggle but I appreciate how they added a color blind mode. An old wiiware game called Groovin Blocks did the same. If devs are going to make games where color is crucial to the experience, that is the least they could do.



smikey said:

I'll get it when it arrives in the uk if it's also discounted (as I believe all e-shop launch games should be to reward early buyers) if it isn't I'll probably do what everyone else does and wait for the sale.
I intend to buy every wii u e-shop game (got around 90% at present) but getting sick of paying full price when some get discounted in little over a month!

had over £60 in credit from Nintendo premium though which I wish was staying for good & not just until the end of this year (rewards people willing to spend online like me)



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - I bought a $10 GC today at Target for $9 so I can buy Flowerworks and Mario & Luigi Superstar. I had a $20 card in my cart but then I remembered the 200 points I still have sitting on my Wii (or maybe it's been transferred to my Wii U in Wii mode) so I went w/ the $10 instead. Though I just remembered Child of Light so I should have bought the $20 for $18.



sinalefa said:


I am interested in Child of Light and NES Remix 2. I guess Scram Kitty will show up in May. Haven't heard anything about it.

Last game I bought physically was DKTF, but I have been getting a lot of eShop content. Same for 3DS, where my last cart was ALBW. I like these downloadable exclusives.



Cathousemaster said:

I'm happy to confirm that we considered color blindness when designing this. .. Things that are different colors like pollen also have different shapes.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "I like these downloadable exclusives."

I certainly like the price of most of the download games. Not really all that interested if they are exclusive or not, I try to balance myself between PS3 and Wii U.

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