Nocturnal Plants a New Flowerworks HD Trailer Ahead of Launch

Shows off blooming nice effects

There aren't many WiiWare titles getting re-purposed for the Wii U, but part of a select group with a few others is Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure from Australian developer Nocturnal. Due in this week's update (17th April) in North America and May in Europe, it'll have a discount price of $3.50 in its first month before going to a standard price of $6.

This version will feature 60 frames-per-second performance at 1080p and an adventure that the developer believes is between 15-20 hours for most players, all improving an experience that we rather enjoyed on the Wii download service. Should sales go well, meanwhile, the funds are set to support a new Wii U-exclusive project in the future.

We'll be planting the seeds for our review soon, but in the meantime Nocturnal's Michael Shamgar has given us a heads up on the launch trailer that's just been released. Check it out below and let us know whether you're tempted to pick this up.

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