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3DS Owners Can Connect And Play With StreetPass UK's Relaunched Site

Posted by Damien McFerran

Find your local StreetPass community

Long-running StreetPass portal StreetPass UK has relaunched with a new-look site that makes it easier than ever to find like-minded 3DS owners near you who want to indulge in a spot of social gaming.

As well as offering information on StreetPass-related news in the United Kingdom, the site also allows you to search for your nearest local community and set up your own event.

We'll be lending our support to this noble venture and reporting on any UK-based StreetPass events in the future — just as we did with National StreetPass Day UK, which took place back in September and was celebrated in the Nintendo Life StreetPass Zone at Eurogamer Expo 2013.

Will you be getting involved, or are you already part of a UK StreetPass group? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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FrozenLink said:

For a site that is meant to be easier it is INCREDIBLY slow and wont even load for me....not like I ever have a community near me anyways but would be nice to be able to look.



Pikachews said:

Works great for me, looks awesome too. Have you seen the Mii Plaza? Wowsers. How does that work?! Now if only there was a community near me...



FrozenLink said:

@JogurtTheYogurt I did start to load better after awhile, at first it was very laggy and wouldnt accept my log in, but it works now so oh well great looking site shame il never get to use it.



Pikachews said:

There is one in northern ireland, for some reason it's not on there... maybe they haven't added yet?



Haywired said:

Cool! I'm planning on going to my first one of these (Brighton) next weekend. I'm excited (and as with anything social/meeting people, somewhat anxious).

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