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Pokémon Adventure Tour Prepares to Heat Up UK Summer Events

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Marketing is Super Effective!

There's a little game called Pokémon X & Y coming out in October, but there are also plenty of other 'mon games available right now. The series as a whole is part of the hype train, something that Nintendo UK is keen to exploit. It's announced the Pokémon Adventure Tour, which will take in five major outdoor events around England between 13th July and 1st September.

At each event the tour will include five areas with activities for fans to enjoy, which should all satisfy those with a competitive streak, or others that simply want to try games out and have their face painted. Details of what you can expect are below.

The event will have three ‘zones’ aimed at battling, gaming and general fun as well as a Pokémon Training Centre and a lounge where you can kick back and watch some of your favourite Pokémon episodes. So whether you’re a fan of the games, the TV series or even if you’re brand new to Pokémon, there’s something for everyone.

Pokémon Battle Zone

If you’re a Pokémon trainer and own Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2, you will want to bring your team with you on Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS and head to the Pokémon Battle Zone. As well as being able to trade and battle with other Pokémon fans, you’ll also be able to challenge a Pokémon expert for the chance to win a prize.

Pokémon Game Zone

You don’t need to own a Pokémon game to play at the Pokémon Adventure Tour. In the Pokémon Game Zone you can sit back and play through a selection of games including Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Pokémon Conquest, Super Pokémon Rumble, Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure and Pokémon Dream Radar as well as the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions.

Pokémon Fun Zone

There’s even more enjoyment to be had in the Pokémon Fun Zone, where you can have your face painted as your favourite Pokémon character, have your photo taken with Pikachu or even try to catch ‘em all in a Pokémon Grabber Machine filled with Pokémon plush toys.

Pokémon Training Centre

If you're new to Pokémon, then you can join the Pokémon Training Centre and learn everything you need to know about the characters. You will also get hints and tips to aid you on your adventure, including a master class on how to battle.

Pokémon Lounge

If you’re a fan of the Pokémon TV Show or want to know what all the fuss is about, then you should head to the Pokémon Lounge where you can sit back and enjoy some of the TV episodes from the Pokémon series.

So where will you be able to join in? The events and locations are below, so let us know if you plan to go along.

Magic Summer Live - Stoke Park, Guildford - 13th to 14th July
INTU Metrocentre - Gateshead - 2nd / 4th August
Bristol Balloon Fiesta - Ashton Court Estate, Bristol - 8th to 11th August
Clacton Air Show - Marine Parade West, Clacton-on-Sea - 22nd to 23rd August
Bournemouth Air Festival - Bournemouth Sea Front, Dorset - 29th August to 1st September

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User Comments (13)



rjejr said:

What game is "Super Pokemon Rumble"? Is that the new WiiU game or the old 3DS game or a new 3DS game?

Judging by the large displays of Pokemon toys and Pokemon cards I'm pretty sure Pokemon Rumble U and it's toy accessories will sell in the US if they ever come out.



Handy_Man said:

@rjejr Super Pokémon Rumble is the old 3DS game. It's known as Pokémon Rumble Blast in North America.

Anyway, I can't go to this, since I don't live in Europe. It looks kind of fun, though.



KingBoo01 said:

Could you imagine the goldmine Gamefreak would have if they made Pokemon Rumble into a kind of Skylanders-type game?(The Pokemon toys on the portal.)



Ketchupcat said:

I would get my face painted as Diglett!
Well, If I lived in the UK.
And if I actually liked face painting.
But neither of those things.
So no Diglett for me.



Marakuto said:

None of those locations are nearby me and I've never been to any of those places, so my best hope is to just ask people here that may or may not go or see pictures of the events.



KingBoo01 said:

Oh. Well, they should localise it considering the popularity of games of these types(Skylanders, Disney infinity) of games. I'm pretty sure that Skylanders sold the most in the U.S.

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