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New Mega Man Graphic Novel Lands in North America on 22nd May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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If you like Mega Man and if you also like comics/graphic novels, then chances are you know about the Archie publications on the franchise. The graphic novel releases combine multiple comics into one juicy bundle, with the story-lines covering enough lore and background to the many games to satisfy the most ardent of Blue Bomber fans.

The latest graphic novel bundle, Mega Man Vol. 5: Rock of Ages, collects issues 17-20 in the series, with a sneak peak at adaptations yet to happen, such as the Game Boy iteration of Mega Man 5 and the most recent WiiWare release, Mega Man 10. This fifth volume is actually released in North America on 22nd May, so you'll have to move fast to get a pre-order bonus price of $8.99 from the Archie Comics store; it'll go up to $11.99 tomorrow. For those outside of North America, it's worth noting that the Archie's site has some rather meaty shipping prices, but the novels are available from various regional Amazon sites; it doesn't arrive in the UK until early June.

If you're a collector of these novels, or want to persuade the rest of us to join in, sound off in the comments below.


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antipop621 said:

I already own the original issues. Its a fun and light read. Not a fan of the art though.I wish Spaziante had time to do more interiors for the series.



WaveyChristmas said:

I've Got Vol 1.(Issues 1-4) And it's surpassed my Icaruspectations!
I'm a bit behind, but i need to get on Vol 2 stat! Spoiler Alert >
Oil and Time man(The two scrapped Robot Masters who didn't make it in Mega Man one but were eventually added in Mega Man powered up) make a suprise apperance at the end of Issue 4!

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