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Day One Resident Evil Revelations Update Adds Support

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Link your game to the custom rewards site

We're currently in the final stretch of bringing you our Resident Evil Revelations review, and have noticed that Capcom has enabled a day one update — the title releases in North America today — to activate functionality for

This website tracks your progress through the title, both the Campaign and Raid Mode, adding your stats to a Capcom account on the site, synchronising with the Wii U game regularly. More than just gawking at how long you've played and how many creatures you've defeated, you can setup "buddies" in the game, use accumulated points to buy weapons and items that you then send to the game, or just spend points on superficial things like dioramas and wallpapers. There's an Events section for the game that's currently empty, but hopefully the Wii U will get in on the action once these are organised.

While Xbox 360 and PS3 system owners will be used to this setup from Resident Evil 6, we're pleasantly surprised at how effectively it functions. We've played around with it and received a free gun for registering, and have since successfully sent it to the game and accessed that weapon in Raid Mode; it's all instantaneous and just, well, works.

It could be a useful way to make new friends, as well as pick up new items to use or sell in the title's Raid Mode. If you pick up the game it'll ask you about accessing and provide an account link code. Simply go to the website, login (or setup an account), select Revelations and Wii U as your primary game and platform and select the Link Account option; type in the code, and it'll automatically detect your game profile and setup all of your details. There are web-based achievements to pick up chunks of points, including the obligatory "well done for registering" bonus.

Are you planning to pick up Resident Evil Revelations, and if so will you link into

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Hunter-D said:

"it's all instantaneous and just, well, works."

Good to hear, and I'm liking the sound of this. Simple yet effective.



MAB said:

"The fire button has been pressed 100,000 times... Well done, you're the resi evil champon"



Sonicfan11589 said:

So from what i heard in this article as well as a video i saw, u can sell weapons now in this version.



Best_ said:

Oh, I did not know that. My mistake, but I learned something new



SetupDisk said:

Sweet stuff. I am downloading it and getting a physical copy for my Nephew (He doesn't have an external drive).



MadAdam81 said:

@ThomasBW84 The original and best form of English. Aussies didn't see the need to deliberately spell things wrong just to be different.

This game is really tempting me, I just got the demo and will give that a go later. If I like what I see, I might just get it.



HeatBombastic said:

There's four games being released in North America like what happened in March.

I only bought MH3U in March.

I still want to buy some older games, but I want to pick up at least one of these. I also need to pick up 3DS games. Arrgh, too many games.



blackknight77 said:

I liked to RE net for Resident Evil 6. I like it because you can get all kinds of unlockables and play in online events



ArkOne77 said:

Picking it up after work today!.....Will have to sign up. Sounds cool. RAID Mode will have me coming back for more & more after going through the main campaign.




I think they should have had an update to fix the freaking just isn't as smooth as it should be.



SetupDisk said:

Stupid shop was way to slow with the update so I go a physical copy for myself. There should have been a limited edition reversible cover with "Revelaitons" on it.

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