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This Injustice: Gods Among Us Infographic Makes a Pitch for the Ultimate Superhero and Villain

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

They'd sure have strange outfits

With Injustice: Gods Among Us arriving on Wii U next week, Warner Bros. has seen some of the infographic action going on to celebrate two years of the 3DS and decided to get in on the act.

With the brawler concerning itself with heroes and villains from the DC Universe, these diagrams attempt to put together the best parts of both camps for an ultimate superhero and villain. The results can certainly be debated, which we suggest you do in the comments below.

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Senate_Guard said:

the Ultimate Hero would be superior to the Ultimate Villain. It seems like the UV's characteristics are pretty desperate; Harley's legs? Really?



MrGawain said:

So is Injustice out for the Wii U in the UK on the 19th or 26th? Most retailers are saying the 26th, although the official FB page is sticking with the 19th.

And if it is the 26th, why?



Neram said:

It looks like they're trying a bit too hard with the character designs. Superman doesn't need armored padding on his costume, and I agree with @Retro_on_theGo that Joker looks more like Sweet Tooth than anything.

Meh, they're just going for that gritty look I guess. It is made by NetherRealm after all. I hope it's at least just as decent as the Mortal Kombat reboot was.



AltDotNerd said:

1. How could you make a "greatest villain" without Deathstroke?!
2. Luthor's blood is poisoned by kryptonite exposure, giving him heart problems.
3. Luthor's brain is as strong as Batman's, he can build practically anything with whatever materials he can get his hands on. Much better than Joker's.
4. Pretty much every other villain in the game have better powers than Harley, Catwoman, and Grundy.



KaiserGX said:

The art design is because the whole game is based on a block buster movie. Even the menu was designed to look like a blue-ray movie menu, Also look at MK vs DC, the lack of textures make the costumes look horrible in a 3D game.




Keep awesome-ing aquaman all you want warner, to me he is still an useless kitten, and superman will always be a boy scout, that's why I don't like him either, Batman proved in tower of babel to be the most powerful mind in the dc universe, outsmarting even lex luthor.



HeatBombastic said:

1. You do know Deathstroke is Slade? The villain who becomes oh so very interested in children.
2. Can't really argue with that.
3. Joker is a genius, he's just as smart as Batman, but is just insane and unpredictable. That's why he's perfect enemy for Bats.
4. Harley Quinn doesn't have powers in the first place, like Batman. Grundy's a freakin intelligent Zombie who's unkillable, I think that's pretty good.
5. Deathstroke is overrated, just because people compare him to Deadpool.
6. Deadpool's overrated. A fan-favorite, but overrated.




@HeatBombastic Muscles don't mean nothing, those 3 you mentioned are LOT MORE BAD*SS than him, here's something you won't be able to refute:
In the tower of babel story arc, batman screwed him SO BAD that he made him afraid of water, meaning he was having a slow and painful death courtesy of bats, AMEN.



Captain_Toad said:

I love those diagrams.
Its like watching those arcade cabinet instructions at the sides of the screen.



nomeacuerdo said:

Okay, It's not like you could include the profile of doomsday, no.
Well, they created the diagram with a certain correspondence, also they must be limited to be entwined with the game's and comic's history, but come on, include some of the other characters, like green lantern and siniestro, or cpt. Marvel and Black Adam.



KaiserGX said:

Batman didn't do a damn thing in Tower of Babel. Ra's al Ghul was the one to put them plans in motion. Just because you have a plan doesn't mean it will always work. Just look at the time Batman got his ass whopped by Superman even when he had kryptonite.

Don't forget the Flash thinks as fast as he moves and he is a forensic scientist. Superman builds his own gadgets at the Fortress of Solitude. Often he looks at Batman's tech and he see's ways to improve them using his x-ray vision but he never actually tells him about it.

Though Lex Luthor trumps all in intelligence. He outsmarted Brianiac in Red Son.



ajcismo said:

Are you guys doing a review of this? The trailer caught me by surprise on the eShop and I've always kinda liked the DC fighting games dating back to the SNES.



Haywired said:

Superman's outfit doesn't seem quite as blue as I remember... I'm guessing they're trying to make him "grittier".

Anyway, I always love infographics and this one is rather stunning.



sinalefa said:

I thought there would be a 50/50 character balance here, so I was surprised to see only 5 villains here, and three of them from Gotham City.

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