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Sami Cetin Regains PAL Super Mario Kart Time Trial World Title

Posted by Damien McFerran

Niece Leyla Hasso bags the women's world title, too

UK Super Mario Kart champ Sami Cetin has regained the PAL version Time Trial World Title for the second time. Sami previously held the title from September 1998 until April 2004, and beat one of the World Records set by former title holder Karel van Duijvenboden of the Netherlands on Sunday, March 10th to earn the overall world title again based on average finish score.

Sami Cetin has also won the Super Mario Kart Multiplayer World Championships 2012 held in France last August, while taking on 50 of the best players from 8 countries around the globe, so it has been a successful year.

Sami achieved a time of 48.33 seconds on the Vanilla Lake 2 course to grab the PAL Time Trial title — you can check out the video below:

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Amazingly, Sami Cetin's niece Leyla Hasso also hit a record on the same track of 53.31 seconds at the UK-based GEEK 2013 event on 23rd February. This is not only a new Women's World Record on the PAL version of Super Mario Kart but also the second fastest time in the UK, and ranked 22nd in the World! Gordon Sinclair — One of the event's organisers and Director at Replay Events Ltd — was present when the record was set.

Leyla's record attempt can be seen below:

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That means that both the male and female Super Mario Kart PAL Time Trial World Records are in the same family — amazing stuff, we're sure you'll agree!

Like her Uncle Sami in 2012, Leyla Hasso was also featured in the Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition that was released this January for holding the female World Title on both PAL and NTSC Versions of Super Mario Kart. She reached the NTSC Title after beating the records of the fastest female karter in Japan and former Women's World Champion, Yukiko Takada. Leyla also made her debut at the Official Super Mario Kart World Championships last year in France alongside her Uncle and the rest of their "Team UK", placing 32nd. With her great improvements since then she is looking to reach a much higher rank at the next one.

Sami Cetin and Leyla Hasso will be attending some of the major video game and retro events in the UK this year such as Revival 2013 in Wolverhampton on Saturday 18th May, Eurogamer 2013 in London on Saturday 28th September and Play Expo 2013 near Manchester on the weekend of 12th / 13th October. If you're planning on attending any of those, keep your eyes peeled for some Super Mario Kart action.

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Very elite LVL. pro racing skills this guy has. Impressive I must say. I don't see anyone in all honestly coming close to ever taking this guy down, ever.



SamiCetinSMK said:

@DePapier & @3DSLUIGI

Much appreciated, however many of us on the rankings are at such a close level, the championships are always edge of the seat between any two rivals.

I have played MK7 before but not to this level, the game is designed differently. I barely made a 1'21" on Toad Circuit over a year ago on Time Trial for example. Il stick to the original probably and leave MK7 to the younger generation



SamiCetinSMK said:


Lol! no no..
A few have asked how to pronounce my names; the C is pronounced like a "ch" in the word "check". Turkish origin.
Sami is pronounced "Sar-mi" not like "Sammy". It comes from Arabic originally so a bit of a mix there. There is actually a name "Semih" but its quite rare.





I respect your view on Mario Kart 7. To some, it may be for the younger generation and is far from being the original Super Mario Kart. But the way how I see things, Mario Kart is STILL Mario Kart no matter which way you look at each different game in the series. Heh, I especially love how the way they paid homage to the original by recreating SNES Rainbow Road. One of my top FAV. courses in the game next to GBA Bowser Castle 1 and I'm still striving to be one of the best out there on that game.



SamiCetinSMK said:


Mario Kart 7 was a very enjoyable game and i like the direction it went. It was definitely an improvement on MKWii. But i think after the snes they made the items a little too aggressive (regular triple reds, blue shells, lightnings etc). And thats fine for fun and casual gaming. On the serious competition end it is a little more difficult to manage that and pure driving technique. The lightning probability was more like 1 in 32 when in 2nd place on SMK Match Race for example, and the red shells would only move in a direct line to the opponent. So good driving an time trial skill would be rewarded in a racing situation to catch up to the opponent. Of course if you are doing Time Trial only then any Mario Kart game has a great setup for that. I used to play MKSC / MK Advance also on the GBA, the driving mechanics were much like SMK. Good memories

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