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Wii U Premium Bundles Most Popular in UK Launch

Posted by Orla Madden

System memory and a bundled game matter, clearly

The Wii U Premium Pack was by far the people's favourite in the UK over its launch weekend, proving to be the superior of the bundle bunch. The Premium 32GB bundle reportedly accounted for 60% of the Wii U's sales this past weekend, while the ZombiU package sold at 30%. That just leaves the Basic 8GB bundle trailing behind with 10% of the sales, according to data from GfK Chart-Track.

Wii U certainly had a strong launch line-up, consisting of 24 games, including Assassin's Creed 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U. You can see how the launch titles did in the charts this weekend; you may be surprised with some of the positions.

How was your first weekend with Wii U in Europe and PAL regions? Were you tackling zombies, or were you crashing your cart like us in Nintendo Land's Donkey Kong's Crash Course?


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crumpledpapyrus said:

I reckon that 30% ZombiU pack figure is quite promising, shows plenty of mature gamers picked up the console...
I fail right on the last jump every time on Donkey Kong's Crash Course...




I got the ZombiU Bundle with NSMBU, Nintendo Land and Sonc & All Stars Racing Transformed. I'd already played ZombiU, NSMBU & Nintendo Land at an event, but loved them all, however the surprise package for me is Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed! A real gem of a game with enough depth that I'll be happy until Mario Kart U comes along! Plus it's one of the cheaper games!!



Mk_II said:

No really surprising. I can confirm from talking to retailers that the situation is similar here in Holland. Early buyers knew exactly what they want: the 32 Gb model. Because you get the extra's basically for free if you consider the retail value of NintendoLand and Zombie U. It's a no-brainer really. The Premium Pack sold out immediately (mostly preorders) and all you could find was a limited number of Basic Packs.



rjejr said:

The Basic bundle never should have happened.

(Though I'm sure people said the same thing about the Xbox360 Core, also coincidentally launched at $299.).



Dogpigfish said:

Basic is a batter deal for hardcore gamers, doesn't come with useless stands and nintendoland, which is an interesting demo of the system, but is easy to lose interest. You'll need a hard drive and a pro controller before your wallet can sleep.



Sean_Aaron said:

I went for the basic since I don't need the stands, sensor bar or the storage. Meant I didn't have to hunt for it either. My launch game was Nintendo Land. I may buy a download-only title as well. I think I've been playing Samurai Warriors 3 as much as Nintendo Land - neglected that and Bit.Trip Complete due to not knowing if my save data would transfer or if I'd have to start from scratch with both games.

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