The Wii U Premium Pack was by far the people's favourite in the UK over its launch weekend, proving to be the superior of the bundle bunch. The Premium 32GB bundle reportedly accounted for 60% of the Wii U's sales this past weekend, while the ZombiU package sold at 30%. That just leaves the Basic 8GB bundle trailing behind with 10% of the sales, according to data from GfK Chart-Track.

Wii U certainly had a strong launch line-up, consisting of 24 games, including Assassin's Creed 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U. You can see how the launch titles did in the charts this weekend; you may be surprised with some of the positions.

How was your first weekend with Wii U in Europe and PAL regions? Were you tackling zombies, or were you crashing your cart like us in Nintendo Land's Donkey Kong's Crash Course?