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TVii and Hulu Part of Day One Wii U Update in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

NA and Europe apps on the way?

In today's Japanese Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata focused on the company's homeland launch details for Wii U, with the system arriving on 8th December. One announcement that did catch the eye was confirmation that TVii will be part of the day one update, along with the slightly less surprising confirmation of a Hulu app.

TVii, the app that allows you to combine various TV services under one interface, was one of the flagship products in Nintendo of America's launch reveal before it was pushed back to December. Today's Japanese confirmation, along with a fairly meaty (over 600MB) system update on Wii U systems in North America and Europe, could potentially spell the arrival of the service in the near future, though that's speculation at this stage.

In any case, it's confirmed that Japanese Wii U owners will have both TVii and Hulu to try out once they update their new systems later this week. For those of you in Europe and North America, is a potential TVii arrival on your wishlist for today's regional Nintendo Direct broadcasts?

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tsm7 said:

I'm pretty sure TVii will go live in NA today. Could be wrong but it's what I thought as soon as I heard we were getting a Nintendo Direct.



Shworange said:

If they could just get Comcast on board to allow us to put on demand on Tvii, it would be epic! The more viewing services the better!



rjejr said:

Just checked my calendar, it says December 5, 2012. So Nintendo has 16 days to turn on TVii before the world ends.

Normally I would rag on Nintendo for not giving us a date for the TVii turn on, but I've had Sony fail so much this year with promised dates I think it's better Nintendo NOT announce it, as long as it's turned on in Dec.

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