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Competition Winner: Win a Wii U at Eurogamer Expo

Posted by Anthony Dickens

One lucky winner

Nintendo Life attended's annual Eurogamer Expo in late September, the first ever public showing of the Wii U console in the UK. We had a great time meeting gamers, filling up our 3DS puzzle pieces and running rather intense competitions in the Nintendo Life StreetPass Zone. You can get a taste of what it was all about in our photo diary from the show floor, our favourite moments and our reflections on lessons learnt at a gaming expo.

To celebrate the appearance of Nintendo's new console at the show, meanwhile, we decided to give away a Wii U to one lucky winner; using their trusty smartphone to scan a QR code, attendees could enter via our leaflets or our competition page in the show guide.

We received 1,200 entries but there can only be one winner, and that winner is:

Andrew Wheal from Rugby, England

Andrew will receive his Wii U 8GB Basic when the system is launched later this month on Friday, 30th November.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Eurogamer Expo and especially those who entered our competition. We would also like to take this time to say hello to those that turned down our leaflet and the opportunity to win a Wii U, tut tut.

Congratulations Andrew!

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DreamyViridi said:

Congrats, dude. Have fun with your Basic Wii U.
Wonder if any of us will find him on Miiverse or something.



Tsuchiya said:


I doubt it.

He'll no doubt be recovering in hospital over the shock of receiving a Wii U for free and keeping his wallet intact.



Azooooz said:

Congratulations, Andrew !!! I hope you'll enjoy your new Wii U.

(envy face)

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