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Nintendo Reveals New Wii Bundles For The Holiday Season

Posted by Orla Madden

Wii still going strong?

Nintendo has revealed a pair of new Wii bundles which will be available from 4th November across North America. The Just Dance 4 option retails for $129.99, and includes a copy of the game alongside a white Wii with matching Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk.

The Skylanders Giants bundle sells for $149.99. and will include the game, a Portal of Power, two Skylanders figures, as well as an exclusive Giant Skylander. This pack will offer a blue Wii and a matching Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk.

Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s vice president of Licensing said:

These bundles give consumers a way to enjoy some of the hottest new games for this generation’s most popular console at an attractive price. Together with our third-party publishing partners, we’re delivering maximum value for families who want to get the most for their home entertainment dollar.

Yes, Nintendo has a new console out in just a couple of weeks; but it's not stopping it from pushing the Wii every way it can. Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken about the company's hopes that Wii will continue to sell beyond Wii U's arrival, much like PlayStation 2 did for Sony. No doubt it would love to see Wii surpass the iconic 100 million sales mark, but there's still a way to go.

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k8sMum said:

skylanders giant=another huge, black hole for my money as my grandson will need to have it...sigh.



Auracle said:

I would like to see Wii pass the 100 million mark (as long as it doesn't leech off Wii U sales).



Pokefanmum82 said:

if i didn't already have a wii i'd get both bundles lol one for each room lol my son loves skylanders and i love the just dance games



jer18 said:

I like the red wii, but I'm still stuck with my white from '08. I'm going to paint my own wii a color of my choice lol. And why wouldn't nintendo bundle more games together as part of this deal?



Fudge said:

They should have made a a more gamer oriented bundle, include Zelda Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles, black for $149.99. That would sell really well.



Xilef said:

@Fudge I think most gamers that want to get a Wii by now is probably buying a Wii U. They could still do one bu a doubt it would sell masses. a



gefflt said:

I've always wondered what happened to unsold consoles once the latest one came out...



MegaAdam said:

These are good bundles. Not up my alley, but I believe they will serve Nintendo well.



Firejonie said:

Nice to see that Nintendo's trying to appeal to families that aren't transitioning to the Wii U this season ( casuals). Both bundles will probably sell, sell, sell. I like that exclusive Skylander ( only comes with this version). But I'm not so obsessive to shell out money for another Wii for it. Especially when I'm already getting the Wii U version.



antipop621 said:

Why not release Pandora's tower now for the Christmas season in NA? Surely some people will pick it up with all these new bundles?



sinalefa said:


A golden Wii bundled with SS would really be awesome. I don't see Nintendo including two full, long games in a bundle, though.

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