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Kylie Sing & Dance Coming To Wii Next Month

Posted by Orla Madden

We just can't get you out of our heads

This year will mark Kylie Minogue's 25th year in music, and what better way to celebrate by singing and dancing the night away with Kylie Sing & Dance for the Wii in November.

The game will feature 25 of Aussie starlet’s globally recognised smash hits, including tunes such as ‘Spinning Around’, ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ and ‘Get Outta My Way’. Players will be able to sing or dance alongside Kylie by progressing through the career mode, where each track will feature an official music video. Kylie Sing & Dance is the first officially licensed Kylie game (yes, we were shocked too) and is described as "the perfect way to celebrate 25 years on top".

Craig McNicol, Managing Director at Koch Media, could barely contain his happiness about the upcoming party game:

Kylie Minogue is globally recognised thanks to her hugely successful career. 2012 will see even more focus on Kylie as she celebrates 25 successful years in the music industry.

Will the game be 'Love at First Sight'?


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Dazza said:

I'm sticking with the Just Dance series myself, Better The Devil You Know I always say!



eirikr said:

I just can ´ t wait for this "game" ! I am a huge fan of Kylie Minogue and this is the best way to celebrate her career ! Hope this arrive to America , I can ' t find any release date for here . My mother will jump when I let her know , she enjoy Kylie music as well !



sketchturner said:

I'm not a huge fan, but she has enough songs I like that I would consider renting. Chocolate and Red Blooded Woman better be on there.



eirikr said:

@sketchturner yes ! and In your eyes , Come into my world , All the lovers , Wow , even Timebomb would be great ! I wonder if it will feature the promotional singles only ... Like a drug and several songs from Fever album comes to my mind .



LittleIrves said:

The Wii lives! I sort of hope some smaller, oddball games get released for the Wii even after the Wii U comes out.... studios that have a small budget and want to experiment with something. Probably won't happen.



Yrreiht said:

''Kylie Minogue is globally recognised''

Who? Must have lived under a rock because i have no clue who that is...



MAB said:

Dannii Minogue is more suited to my personal taste in women

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