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Nintendo Australia Brings Wii U to EB Games Expo 2012

Posted by Brad Long

Nintendo, Ubisoft, THQ and SEGA join Warner Bros.

Following yesterday's reveal that Warner Bros. will be bringing the Wii U to the EB Expo in Sydney in just over a week, we have now learned that it's not the only publisher coming to the party.

Nintendo of Australia has announced today that it will also introduce the Wii U to the Australian audience in a big way. As the list shows below, not only will the EB Expo offer patrons the ability to play first party Wii U games, but THQ, Ubisoft and SEGA have also joined the fray. Here's a full list of playable Wii U titles that will feature at the EB Expo:




Warner Bros. Interactive


As always, we'll play every game that is available and bring you any new impressions during and after the event. Are any of our Australian readers planning on attending the EB Expo?

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luminalace said:

Damn you Nintendo. Why couldn't you have announced this in a timely manner! I now regret not going!



WiiLovePeace said:

I ain't able to go anyway, but its pretty dumb of Nintendo Australia to leave the announcement so long.



MAB said:

I have waited patiently for this long now so I think I can wait 2 more months for the release



Ganmaku said:

Wait another 2 months or less or brave the sweaty in-deodorized masses.

I'll wait just less than 2 months, thank you very much.

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