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Nintendo Direct Channel Arrives on YouTube

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In Japanese, of course

Nintendo Direct has been a regular event in 2012, with game reveals and major announcements served up at regular intervals. It's a strategy that Nintendo is taking seriously, even unveiling 3DS XL in one of the broadcasts, and after the first presentation in February we even argued that it was all part of Nintendo joining the modern age.

When it comes to hosting videos, YouTube is the master of the internet, and Nintendo Japan has created a channel to host its broadcasts. It's gone as far back as the pre-E3 presentation, and the most recent is a short 12 minute video that focuses exclusively on Onitore, a 3DS title in the Brain Training series set to arrive in Japan later this year; a worldwide release is also confirmed. The video is below if you happen to speak Japanese, and even if you don't you can enjoy the sight of Dr Kawashima and Satoru Iwata's polygon heads holding a conversation.

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WiiLovePeace said:

Thanks NL, I totally forgot this was happening, it'll be a funny watch I imagine even if I don't understand any of it

Edit: Ok, not knowing what they're saying makes what I've seen so far quite boring...



Mahe said:

What does the "LL" in the Japanese names of the 3DS LL and DSi LL mean?



Tsuchinoko said:

@Mahe Its the Japanese equivalent of "XL". Its like saying "Double Large"

EDIT: I'm on summer break and kinda bored. If anyone wants any part of this or other things translated, ask me! Its good practice for me



NintendoGirl said:

To Do List:
Learn Japanese.
I feel like what they're saying is important...but I can't understand any of it!



Hokori said:

I new they'd give us either a new stationary or a new puzzle because of this, I was right, just expecting NSMB2



k8sMum said:

does this mean we'll be able to access youtube on our nintendo devices??

no, i thought not...



Tsuchinoko said:

@Banjogeek Are you talking about "ちょっとニンテンドダイレクト”?ちょっとNintendo Direct



HADAA said:

I know Japanese so here's the main gist for everyone - Onitore (Demon Training) is designed to broaden your working memory (short-term memory) capacity while the previous Brian Ages/Trainings put more emphasis on accelerating your working memory process speed. They mentioned it's like the difference between CPU speed and RAM capacity in computers. Brain Age works better on elder people because your working memory speed falls with age, while young adults are more likely to benefit from Onitore because regardless of age, working memory capacity can be expanded. But Brain Age sections do exist in this game.

Research also shows that too much of brain training will lower your brain function, particularly in your social communication skills, so they will only allow you to play 40 minutes per day (5 minutes per 8 sections) in Onitore.

And Iwata did mention this new series of "A Little Bit of Nintendo Direct" will be periodically released.

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