It's not often games events venture north of Watford, so it's very good news that the Nintendo Unleashed tour is joining Sheffield event Games Britannia.

Nintendo UK will be bringing recent and upcoming releases to Sheffield's Magna Science Adventure Centre on 7th and 8th July. The Big N joins other industry forces like Namco Bandai and Sumo Digital at the event, with Sunday 8th July hosting a special live session from GoldenEye 007 producer Martin Hollis and his Bond successor, Eurocom's Tony Wills.

Tickets are on sale now with 50p from each sale going to the charity SpecialEffect.

Games Britannia announces REPLAYED Expo

Tickets for the Games Britannia: REPLAYED expo go on sale this week, with 50p out of every ticket sale going to SpecialEffect, a charity which is dedicated to helping young people with disabilities.

Games Britannia: REPLAYED, held at MAGNA Science Adventure Centre, will open its doors to the public on 7 and 8 July for a weekend of gaming events and activities to celebrate 40 years of the British videogame industry.

As well as the best in gaming, the weekend will include keynote speeches and workshops from some of the British industry's key players, plus help on breaking into the videogames industry with careers advice from Sheffield Hallam University games development academics and industry experts Blitz Academy.

In the 50th Anniversary year of Dr No, Martin Hollis, producer of the legendary Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye, will share the stage with the man who helped to reload the James Bond game for the 21st century, Eurocom’s Tony Wills.

And marking 30 years of the Football Manager franchise, original creator Kevin Toms and current custodian of the series Miles Jacobson OBE of Sports Interactive will talk about the game and management genre’s lasting appeal.

Mark Hardisty, Games Britannia founder said: “GamesBritannia :Replayed is a little piece of E3 coming to Rotherham and Sheffield. We’ve a fantastic heritage in innovative and cutting-edge game development in Britain, Replayed is about celebrating those games by looking at the past, present and bright future of the gaming industry on these shores.”

From 3D Monster Maze to Batman: Arkham City, Games Britannia: REPLAYED will feature some of the biggest British games, giving people the chance to celebrate games that will provide a legacy for future generations.

The ReplayAges section will showcase the best of British, American and Japanese hardware, along with examining some of the rarer and stranger devices that have appeared on the market over the last 40 years, in the Console Obscura section.

There will be a series of gaming tournaments throughout the weekend, arcade cabinets, a multiplayer lounge and a showcase of some of the best independently produced games of recent years, including UK exclusive first-plays of Majestic-12, Gunpoint Game, Redshirt and Girls Love Robots.

There will even be a board games micro-festival, with a selection of quirky and stimulating board games to try out over the weekend.

To find out more about Games Britannia, and to buy tickets to Games Britannia: REPLAYED, visit