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Nintendo UK Boss David Yarnton to Leave Nintendo

Posted by James Newton

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Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton is to leave the company after nearly 20 years of service.

Yarnton took the position of general manager in September 2003, steering the UK ship during the successful Wii and DS eras and overseeing the launch of 3DS last year. Before taking up the UK position Yarnton served as director of sales and marketing at Nintendo Australia from March 1995 to 2003.

This is the latest high-profile departure from Nintendo UK. Last year communications director Rob Saunders left to join Apple, marketing director Dawn Paine joined Universal in February and most recently marketing manager Rob Lowe took up a new position at BBC Worldwide.

We at Nintendo Life wish Mr Yarnton all the best in his future endeavours.

Nintendo of Europe announces with regret that David Yarnton has decided to pursue opportunities for a change of career outside Nintendo and therefore will shortly be leaving the company. David has had a distinguished career of almost 20 years at Nintendo, first as Sales Director of Nintendo Australia and then, since 2003, as General Manager of Nintendo UK. Nintendo wishes him every success in his choice of new career. Mr Shibata, European President of Nintendo, will be working alongside the UK's senior management team and will be actively involved in the running of the UK office until a replacement is announced.


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luminalace said:

Good luck to Mr Yarnton and thanks for his hard work at both Nintendo Australia and UK! I wonder if he has plans to come back down under?



Rocketship said:

Isn't this the guy who had health problems a few weeks ago? That, of course, would explain him leaving.



jspanero said:

I met him once a few years ago and I mentioned Xenoblade to him.. I want to believe I did my bit to convince NoE to bring it over here

He was also an Advance Wars fan so I have the utmost RESPECT for him.



Ducutzu said:

Iwata mentioned recently that the performance of the 3DS in the UK is the weakest of all territories, and that actions will soon be taken to correct this situation. I wonder if this is part of that plan...



Zenszulu said:

@Ducutzu it's not like he has been fired he is leaving for another job, think you have jumped to a pretty big conclusion on that.



Ducutzu said:

Let's hope that they will soon find somebody who can promote their products better.



MeloMan said:

Hope you guys get a guy that kicks a$$ and takes some names like the Regginator (then takes those names and give them to someone else



Henmii said:

It was to be expected! Things went wrong when he did cycle, for a good cause. The work at Nintendo probably had become to much for his health. I wish him good health and the best of luck in his future jobs!

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