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Nintendo Europe Boss Goes Direct With Swapnote

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Europeans, you have mail

Nintendo Letter Box, or Swapnote to use its snappier title, has already been used by Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime to remind 3DS owners about upcoming Nintendo Direct events, while Eiji Aonuma dropped a note to tease more Zelda games. Now it's the turn of Nintendo Europe boss Satoru Shibata, spreading the news with a letter to European gamers about the upcoming Nintendo Direct show, at 1pm Central European Time/12pm midday UK Time on Saturday 21st April.

It must be said that Shibata boasts fairly neat writing in comparison to his contemporaries, and even has an AR card photo of his Mii on the first page. The final page is also charming: "I hope that you'll enjoy it!! even if my English is not good...", followed by a smiley face, of course.

It's nice to see messages from the top-brass in Nintendo through Swapnote, not only as a Nintendo Direct reminder but as a personal touch. If you want to see Saturday's broadcast live, don't forget to go to We will, of course, bring you the biggest news as it happens here on Nintendo Life.

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6ch6ris6 said:

the funny thing is:
i always read such things here before i actually get the message on my 3ds

which kinda sucks, because there is no surprise



Victoria said:

@Portista - The message says:
Hello! I'm Satoru Shibata from Nintendo of Europe.
We'll present a new Nintendo Direct!
on 21st April 1pm CET Please check EUR Ninteno Site.
I hope that you'll enjoy it!! even if my English is not good ..... (then he drew a smiley face.)



NintendoMaster said:

Yeah! NOA has announced it will translate Japan's conference through Twitter/Facebook updates pertaining to North America (of course) at 11:30 PM EST!



lanabanana said:

Yayyyyy!!!! Hopefully they'll announce Flipnote Memo, Luigi's Mansion 2 , or more other cool stuff!!!!!!!!

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