The Mega Man series is loved by many not just because of its tight controls and blasting action, but possibly because it has such a diverse range of quirky characters and enemies. For those who follow every intricacy of the Mega Man universe, it's a big ask to keep up.

Thankfully for those fans, and others who just love playing the games, publisher UDON Entertainment has now released the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide, a comprehensive tome that provides details on every Robot Master and character from the games. Check out the UDON preview page for more information and links to view six pages from the book. UDON Entertainment’s Managing Editor Matt Moylan has this to say about the book:

The Robot Master Field Guide turned out wonderfully, largely due to the hard work of the whole team of people that worked on it. The book is a great resource for the classic Mega Man universe and its characters. I’m also especially glad that we finally get to showcase the Mega Man 9 & 10 characters that were not yet around when the Mega Man Official Complete Works book was originally created.

It's already available in good comic book stores in North America, while online retailers will sell copies within the next few weeks. Do any of you have a copy, or intend to get one?