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Donkey Kong Jr. and Sonic Blast Head to Japan 3DS VC

Posted by James Newton

G, Sonic

Two more for the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan: NES title Donkey Kong Jr. and Sonic Blast (aka G Sonic) for Game Gear.

Neither title is the most fondly remembered in its respective canon, though Sonic Blast has the dubious distinction of being the last game commercially released for the Game Gear in Japan. Knuckles is playable too, which is always a bonus.

The mascot duo will reach Japan on 18th April. DK Jr. will cost ¥500, while Sonic is cheaper at ¥300. Sonic Blast's been rated by the Australian Classification Board, so a release outside Japan seems likely.


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James said:

Hoping someone queries the Kids' Gear thing so I can dazzle with SEGA knowledge. Don't let me down people!



HipsterDashie said:

Hmm, it says Kid's Gear on the front of the box instead of Game Gear. How odd. Shame no-one here can explain, guess I'll just have to conduct my own research instead.



Cipher said:

I think Kids' Gear was just a rebranded and remodelled Game Gear aimed at a younger audience. It certainly never left Japan and there weren't many games rebranded with Kids' Gear packaging either, only those that were aimed at kids anyway (I've only ever seen three, which were G Sonic, a Puzzle Bobble game and Virtua Fighter Mini) - and Virtua Fighter Mini came bundled with the system anyway.

And people called Nintendo systems "kiddy".



WarioPower said:

From what I've seen of Sonic Blast, the graphics look like junk. Definitely not as good as the genesis or even triple trouble.



Expa0 said:

Oh god. not Sonic Blast, anything but that! I already have it on Sonic Adventure DX and that's more than enough. Bring in triple trouble and I might consider it.

E. Oops, turns out triple trouble's already been released nevermind then.



Bass_X0 said:

They should have released Donkey Kong Classics instead of Donkey Kong Jr. (for the Ambassadors too).



Knuckles said:

I don't care if it's worse than Sonic' 06.
I'm getting that game! ...Only to play as Knuckles



Raylax said:

Sonic Blast is an awful, awful game.

Note that Sonic Blast is a different game to Sonic 3D Blast - 3D Blast is the isometric '3D' Genesis game that's fairly good. Sonic Blast is the Game Gear 2D platformer with horrible graphics and atrotious level design. And if you thought Sonic 4 physics were bad...



pixelman said:

Would they please release the original GG STH? Best Sonic game ever, and it had amazing 8-bit pixel art.



James said:

@pix It'll happen after the GG-exclusive Sonic stuff tails off, my guess. We've got Tails' Skypatrol, Tails' Adventure and Sonic Labyrinth to enjoy first!



jamiljamtheman said:

No, not really. It uses the same pre-rendered 3D graphics style(kinda) but it's a 2D sonic platformer. Many say it's not that good, but I think it's alright and will get it. Hope that helps



MarkyVigoroth said:

I got Sonic Classic Collection, Sonic Gems Collection, and Sonic Adventure DX, so I am set for pretty much every retro Sonic release. Even so, I support pretty much every Sonic re-release, especially since the games I have are on the getting-soon-to-be-retro GameCube.




I can understand why some gamers here already think that G Sonic , aka: Sonic Blast is not a good game or that they don't like it. With me, I must be like one of the only gamers in this group to say that even though it wasn't the ABSOLUTE best Sonic game back in the GENESIS / GAME GEAR era. It did kind of give lots of gamers a chance to see a small taste as to what 3D looked and felt like. In those days of course. All in all, I used to own this game back when I had a GAME GEAR before. That and for when it does come out, anyone who HASN'T tried this Sonic title out, just give it a try to see how it plays out for you. You won't be disappointed.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Actually I was wondering. Is the Kid's Gear just what the GameGear was called in Japan or something like the GB pocket to the GB?



James said:


Game Gear was called Game Gear in Japan when it launched in 1991, but after its superior power and colour screen made no sizeable impact on the Game Boy's lead, SEGA decided to rebrand it the "Kid's Gear" in 1991. The system is absolutely identical on the inside, but has Virtua Fighter art on it so is infinitely cooler. There were some cutesy titles released for it — a very chibi Panzer Dragoon in particular — that focused on young 'uns.

I'm sure you all remember it was a huge success and SEGA reigned the console market for ever, the end.

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