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Pandora's Tower to Get Limited Edition Release

Posted by James Newton

Everyone's in on the act

Nintendo's finally cottoned on that limited editions of games are definitely A Good Thing. Following the limited edition releases of Xenoblade Chronicles and upcoming The Last Story, April's big Wii game Pandora's Tower will also get a limited edition release.

Like The Last Story, Pandora's Tower will come with a steel book case and a 32-page art book showcasing images from the game's development.

Pandora's Tower is out in Europe on 13th April, so start those pre-order engines now.

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Terra said:

Looking forward to this. Not so interested in Last Story (Plus, don't have the time for lots of big RPG's these days) but I may put down a pre-order for Pandora's Tower



SaSoBe said:

Won't get this - don't have space or money. But it's nice that they have started doing these more and more now.



DarkKirby said:

Art Book? Will this cost more money then the normal game because the images will be online within a month,



Henmii said:

I guess I just go for the regular version. After all, as you may or may not know I totally hate those awfull big usk logo's that they print on those limited editions!

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