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Mario Tennis Open Served to Europe on 25th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Online play confirmed

After earlier confirmation of Mario Tennis Open launching in Japan on 24th May, it's been confirmed that Europe only needs to wait one extra day with the title landing on 25th May.

Further details were also confirmed, including online and local multiplayer, with download play conveniently available for four players. It will also be possible to assign shots to the touch screen, which is sure to be popular with less experienced players.

So, do you fancy some worldwide Mario Tennis? We certainly do.

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pikku said:

Wow, this is looking really good. If it has a single player 'adventure' like Power Tour on GBA, I'll get it for sure. Never played any other Mario Tennis games, but from what I hear they don't have any thing like that, so I'm guessing this won't either



Emaan said:

I loved Mario Power Tennis on Gamecube, hopefully this one has added enough new things to make it worth it.



warioswoods said:

I don't care about online play, I just want the RPG experience of those early Camelot classics. But sadly I somehow feel certain they'll drop all of that once again, in which case no purchase from me.



OldBoy said:

Sweet this should be great , I just hope they tone down the power shots a bit . The GC version went far too crazy. N64 version is definitively the best IMO



iPruch said:

@emaan1 +1

Mario Power Tennis was brilliant, but I need to see new features and additions to consider buying this new entry.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I also hope this one will either get a RPG part or ways to get better gear in the vein of Kid Icarus:Uprising, Resdient Evil: Revelations or Mario Kart 7. This new depth in 3DS games is something i'm getting used to quickly. So from now on: no added depth in online-heavy games = wasted opportunity = substandard game.

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