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Japanese Virtual Console List - January 2012

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Ringing in the new year

Nintendo of Japan continues to deliver the goods, with three more games slated for release on the Wii Virtual Console this month. Will we see any release in the west at all?

The full list for Japan this month is as follows:


  • Ganbare Goemon 2 — The second game in the classic series (not counting its arcade origins), this was still before any of the titles made it out of Japan. This particular instalment introduced Ebisumaru to the series.

Neo Geo

  • Real Bout Fatal Fury — The fifth game in the series (including Special), this one introduces ring-outs and lowers the number of attack buttons from four to three.
  • Sengoku Denshou 2 — A side-scrolling beat 'em up with a lot of Japanese theming which, just like the first game, is known in the West as simply Sengoku 2.

The next 3DS Virtual Console game in Japan this week will be a public release of Ambassador game Super Mario Bros., with nothing else on offer, sadly.


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Portista said:

Again, VC does not appeal to me. I don't know why, but I would rather just get new games.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

if Nintendo has finished the emulator for the ambassador games so they're not bare bones anymore, why the heck won't they update them here as well? in fact, why not update ALL the ambassador games even if they haven't retail released them yet? it makes no sense and really isn't fair to the ambassadors



misswliu81 said:

interesting list. my pick would be real bout fatal fury. great game. pity that NOE and NOA won't get these games on the V.C in the west.



Link79 said:

As bad as it was with the VC last year I bet it'll be worse this year.
We'll probably get nothing at all.
The service might as well be dead and buried.



DiggerandIndy said:

It's cool that Japan's got Ganbare Goemon 2, but what about the first one? That one's good, too.



grumblebuzzz said:

I still can't wrap my head around why so many people are so upset about the Wii VC dying off. There are hundreds of dollars worth of great games available on the service and I KNOW that even the most hardcore retro-gaming Wii owners don't own ALL of them. Guys, we're not getting the Mother games, we're not getting licensed stuff like Ducktales or Aladdin, we're not gonna get Yoshi's Island; if we were, would have gotten those games by now. The Wii in general is on its way out so it only makes sense that Nintendo would wind down and scale back their digital support of it and focus on the 3DS.



Link79 said:

@ grumblebuzzz
I have over 300 VC games so yeah I've basically got all the best games available. There's nothing left that is really worth downloading anymore for me.
With no new games being added the service is pretty much dead to me.



rodoubleb said:

Too bad for VC. It was the main reason I purchased a Wii, about a year after launch.

The service was mostly disappointing from the get go. Too many bad games got green lighted while not enough time and money was spent in securing so many quality 3rd party titles.

It wasn't all bad but all the best 3rd party stuff (Megaman , Sonic, Final Fantasy, Chronotrigger...) are available in so many other formats. Would have been nice to see more 'exclusives' or reviving of forgotten franchises.



misswliu81 said:

@YashaTheSlayer re: yet they still release games in Japan, and not here?

this. and it's unfair.

@grumblebuzz re: The Wii in general is on its way out so it only makes sense that Nintendo would wind down and scale back their digital support of it and focus on the 3DS.

there are probably more owners of a wii than there are of a 3DS worldwide, and there are those who still want to play classics from older sega and nintendo consoles, as well as SNK's neo geo and turbo-grafix.

for months, there have been no wii V.C games released in the west, yet obscure, shovel-ware titles are being pushed onto the wiiware and that the 3ds V.C has got a lot more attention.



Link79 said:

Actually the 3DS VC is already slipping into lame territory lately.
Have you guys seen the coming soon list?
There's like 3 Gameboy games left. The Gamegear games haven't even been released yet and it doesn't look likely they'll arrive soon.



grumblebuzzz said:

The games they're releasing in Japan are obscure at best. Most have never even seen a Western release. It's not like they're getting the missing high profile games that most people are wanting.
3DS VC is still really young. We got a scattering of great ones and mostly crud for the first year that the Wii was on the market too. Also, Nintendo might be staging the games to roll in slowly so that this problem that many have with the Wii VC drying up after a few years doesn't happen again.



blackknight77 said:

I think people have every right to critize and complain to Nintendo about the lack of Wii VC support. Shame on you Nintendo.

I've actually stopped purchasing Wii shop channel points, and started collecting cartridges again. Its the way to go if you want to play retro games because Nintendo does not want to sell me any more retro games.



brooks83 said:

@grumblebuzzz -

What's wrong with obscure games? I'm sorry, you can rationalize it all you want, but there are so many games that could be released right now. Strider, Monster World IV, Super Street Figther II w/ online, Mega Man X2, Puyo Puyo Arcade w/ online, Super Hang On, etc etc. Most of these games have been announced and/or rated, so what is the holdup? I've got money for VC games,I guess Nintendo doesn't want it.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I've got nothing to say about the games except for ... If a game is good and not a fighting game i will get it when it comes to Europe. I might even get a good fighting game but i just can't stand the genre in general.

I can live without Wii VC games but after all the time with no release an official explanation or a hard release date for the next Wii VC game would maybe help people. Feeling let down week after week is not what customers want.



Geonjaha said:

@Link79 - You have over 300 VC games and you still expect more? If there were no more VC games released on the Wii at all from this point onwards you really still shouldnt be complaining. 300 Games. 300!



Link79 said:

Yeah I'm pretty well covered on retro games but there's still a few good ones they never released.
Earthbound, Demon's crest and the original Contra
to name a few.



DarkEdi said:

Reggie lied us when he said we get VC games before year´s end. The only VC alive is the japanese.



Kurachi said:

well, i have 1200 points ( i think) left, and only paper mario looks good to me to get, so i most likely will get that and then not even bother getting more wii points anymore
not to forget about my wallet not being big at all

anyway, i most likely wont even try pokemon rumble either, which i cant, but that aside, it would cost money, and thats something i cant have right now

was fun, buying points and getting new(old) games, its over now, i guess

soon we'll say "RIP wii's VC"
ps. i wont buy weeyuu (WiiU) cuz of my wallet AND movement handicaps (wonder why i bought a wii... oh well)



astarisborn94 said:

People can say all they want that we should be glad with what we have, but really, I feel as if there is a slightest issue with a game, Nintendo gives up on it immediately. To this day, I feel extremely bitter about the lack of Earthbound on the Virtual Console and I have lost all trust in it. And no, I do not think it will ever get back on it's feet properly.



dizzy_boy said:

i would love to know the actual reasons behind the demise of the wii vc in the west.
whether it`s mainly poor sales, or dev`s don`t want to re-release old games or what ever.
problem is, there`s been no official word ftom NoE or NoA on this matter. and i wish somebody could find out why the vc is in such a sorry state.



madgear said:

Real Bout Fatal Fury! One of THE VC games I'm waiting for! SO ANNOYED Nintendo arn't releasing anything over here. I've not downloaded anything since may 2011 (Chrono Trigger)! C'mon, Nintendo, sort your download service out - it's abysmal and yet it can be so great!

@Limelight_788 - Yeah I hate it when people say "be glad of what we have". I'm a paying customer and I expect the service I bought a Wii for. It's kind of like saying to a film fan "You're complaining that you want Star Wars? You should be greatful that you have Battlefield Earth".



Stuffgamer1 said:

@DiggerandIndy: Actually, they got that one FOUR YEARS ago. Talk about a long wait for the sequel!

I agree with madgear; the very idea that we, the paying customers, should be GRATEFUL for a company releasing product for us to buy is absolutely absurd. More like they should thank us for giving them money by releasing more things for us to give them money for.



dizzy_boy said:

those who say be gratefull, think of it likee this.
if nintendo dosen't porovide what people want, it could go one of three ways.
1. some people will just accept it and do nothing apart from an occassional whing.
2. other people will buy another console made by another company in hopes of finding the games they want.
3. lastly, some people wil resort to downloading illegal ROMS because they can't get the games they want tthrough the legal channels. or the normal excuse, they jusr don't want to pay for them.
whatever way you look at it, nintendo aren'tgoing to make any more money from the VC if they continue with what they are doing.
there's an old saying i like where VC games are concerned. "it's like selling ice to an eskemo^. most people who buy games in genral are already surround by video games.



Chronoswiss20 said:

I can go on iTunes and buy a 50 year old Elvis song, therefore I should be able to go on my 3DS virtual counsel and buy any NES,SNES,GBA, and any other game from the past that the 3DS can successfully emulate and that isn't to much of a hassle to release because of legal bureaucracy. At the very least make all the games from the Wii V.C. available. Stop peppering us with games every once in awhile, we're not excited about regular game boy games. People like iPhones because of the unlimited sea of Apps available from day one of purchase, take notes and get in gear.



Chronoswiss20 said:

More ranting: Is it there plan to release one VC game a month so by the time the VC is any good there getting ready to release there next handheld and restart the process. Why not have it be good for the whole life of the system.

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