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UK Retailers: "We'll Have Enough 3DS Stock for Christmas"

Posted by James Newton

No need to panic

Last week UK 3DS sales hit 70,000, making it the biggest selling console in the nation amid reports of low 3DS stock levels around the country. Now retailers have stepped in to assure customers there'll be enough to go around for Christmas.

Representatives from GAME Group, HMV and Sainsbury's all confirmed to Eurogamer that while some colours of the machine will be hard to find, they all anticipate healthy stock levels around the country.

With two more weekends until the big day, do you think can Nintendo secure a Christmas coup and get its 3DS under more trees than its rivals?


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rjejr said:

Gift cards available (US) w/ 3DS purchase this week:
TRU $40, BB $50, Target $50, Kmart $30

I've been to all of these stores and they all had stock. Colors did vary, blue is hard to find, black is hit or miss, red sells out fast. The pink is anybody's guess. Bundles are more difficult to find but are out there.
I think many Americans have already bought them during black Friday sales. I'm still waiting, wondering what gives w/ all the GC offers. Either a redesign or price drop must be coming. Or 3D is being abandoned. How can you market a system to kids that says NOT TO BE USED BY ANYWAY UNDER THE AGE OF 7 on the cover of the box?



zionich said:

Unless Monster Hunter 3g releases before Christmas (which it wont except in Japan /cry)

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