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Take a Bite of Chronicles of Vampires: Origins This Week

Posted by James Newton

Blood? Simple

Teyon's been quiet on DSiWare for a while but that's about to change this week, as Chronicles of Vampires: Origins will reach North America on Thursday.

The vampire-related hidden object puzzle will cost 500 Points and looks a lot — in fact, exactly — like the trailer below.

Other games due to reach North America in this week's download include Mighty Switch Force, Doodle Fit and Soccer Up.

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Link79 said:

A vampire game releasing around Christmas?
Nice timing. No thanks, if I wanna throw up I'll just watch Twilight.
Mighty switch force is most likely the only game anyone will be buying this week.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'll be getting this game. I love puzzle games and I still have points on my DSi that I have to use up



C-Olimar said:

Another hidden object game. Woo.
Also, what is point of the Circle Pad Recalibration option on the 3DS System Menu if when your Circle Pad is uncalibrated it doesn't help you calibrate the darn thing?



Noire said:

Does that chick have any expressions other than abject bewilderment?



Sabrewing said:

God, I can't stand hidden-object games. Is there a reason that they continue to be popular? I'd rather play a text/graphic adventure like Death in the Caribbean, or Shadowgate, over one of these easily.



Ichabod said:

"Solve challenging puzzles." And then you see them whip through 3 of them in 5 seconds. lol

Does it bother anyone else that they see to use the same head for that girl through every shot. Wide eye, open mouthed, with air nearly seeping out of it? lol



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Ichabod and @PhoenixCake (6.): Guess we'd have the same expression if we had to deal with that guy in 1:08 all the time.
"How many times do i have to tell you there are no objects hidden where you're looking at !?!?!? Thanks for not bein' any help at all !"

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