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The History of Nintendo Volume 2 Out on 15th December

Posted by James Newton

Pre-orders open

The History of Nintendo: Volume 1 spanned the company's beginnings up until the creation of the Game & Watch, setting things up nicely for the second volume, which deals exclusively with Gunpei Yokoi's LCD wonder.

The History of Nintendo: Volume 2 — 1980-1991: The Game & Watch games, an amazing invention to give its rather lengthy title, has just been given a 15th December release date by Pix 'n Love Publishing.

At 200 pages and over 1,500 pictures it should be an extremely in-depth account of one of the most important pieces of Nintendo hardware, and a snip at £24.99 with free worldwide shipping.

You can preview and pre-order the book right now.


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misswliu81 said:

as it says 1980-1991, i'm hoping it will have plenty of pics, info on the game and watch series, as well as N.E.S, gameboy consoles and games.

this is the ideal xmas gift for the die-hard nintendo fan!



Ryno said:

Assuming that the NES was also out during this time frame and is not pictured on the cover that Volume 3 will focus on the NES?

edit @misswliu81: I dont think this volume will include the NES and Gameboy.



UpstateHyrule said:

@Ryno Looking at my copy of Volume 1, the back flap of the book lists 4 volumes for the History of Nintendo series.

Vol.1: 1880-1980 From playing cards to Game & Watch
Vol.2: The Game & Watch games, an amazing invention
Vol.3: The NES/Famicom
Vol.4: The Game Boy series



misswliu81 said:

@Ryno oh ok. i was a bit puzzled as to why the N.E.S, gameboy wasn't covered and yet it's in the next volume.

thanks guys



dungeonmaster11 said:

Man, I hope that they go beyond volume 4. I'd love to have books that go into the history of the systems past the NES and Game Boy (especially the SNES)!

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