If you've been enjoying Solatorobo: Red the Hunter over the past few weeks, you might have had chance to try out its free download content. There's more to come too, as Nintendo outlines the next month's quests available only via download.

There's a new quest every week, with today's being the Air GP Pharaoh Cup for all those Grand Prix lovers, with future content exploring towers and special simulations, and all for nothing.

As our Solatorobo: Red the Hunter review reveals, this DS adventure is one of the best DS games to have seen release in many a moon. It's due for release in North America in the coming months.


More Solatorobo: Red the Hunter quests made available only via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

12th August 2011: Get ready to explore even more of the mythical floating islands of the Shepherd Republic as Nintendo launch four new quests for Solatorobo: Red the Hunter the new action adventure game which was made available across Europe on the 1st July 2011, exclusively for the Nintendo DS family of portable systems and which can be enjoyed in 2D on your Nintendo 3DS system.

After the first wave of quest were made available, a further four brand new quests are ready to be downloaded every week exclusively via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The second batch of four quests will take Red on some exciting adventures across the Shepherd Republic:

Quest 5: available 12.08.11
Air GP Pharaoh Cup: Your chance to participate in the famous Grand Prix at Pharaoh
Quest 6: available 19.08.11
Futzu Tower Data: Venture into the Futzu Tower to collect research data
Quest 7: available 26.08.11
Prairie Kingdom Cup: Loosen up and compete in a very special duel tournament
Quest 8: available 02.09.11
A New Simulation: Test out a special simulation and learn more about another character's real feelings

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter allows you to enter a world of epic fantasy action in a high octane RPG. The game has been created by internationally renowned designers, Nobuteru Yuki, and animated by MADHOUSE. You take on the story of Red Savarin, a 17 year old anthropomorphic dog, and his robot, Dahak, as he battles with a giant robotic “mecha” and other enemies on his journey through the Shepherd Republic. After a chance encounter with the mysterious Elh, he gets inadvertently entangled in an epic adventure to save the world from destruction at the claws of the ancient evil being, Lares.