There's a stack of 3DS accessories eager to take your money, and manufacturer Snakebyte has put together a Starter Pack that contains almost everything you'll need to get started with your shiny new machine.

The pack costs €19.99 and contains:

  • Premium synthetic leather-pouch for the 3DS, three gaming modules as well as a stylus
  • Three color sorted, telescopic styluses
  • Two residue-free, clear screen covers
  • Universal USB-adapter to charge 3DS and other devices
  • USB charging cable for use with USB adaptor or any USB port
  • Sturdy protective cover for six gaming modules
  • Ear buds with 3.5mm stereo jack

We here at Nintendo Life have spent some time with the pack and although it has some worthwhile elements, it has some flaws too.

Let's start with the good points, then. For most computer users, the USB charging cable will be a godsend, allowing the console to charge from any device with a USB port. It plugs either directly into the 3DS or the charging cradle, letting you refill your battery when using your computer.

There's also a USB to Euro two-pin AC adaptor, enabling you to charge from the mains if you're in mainland Europe, though it doesn't work in the UK or Ireland. Of the other bundled accessories, the three telescopic styluses and plastic cases for cartridges are both handy when travelling, though the earphones are some of the worst we've ever used. At least the screen protectors are easy to apply and fit the screens well, though our touch screen protector tore within a few hours of use.

Unfortunately the included pouch is disappointing: although its synthetic leather doesn't feel as cheap as it sounds, the elastic that holds the console in place covers the top screen, meaning you can't play while the machine's in the case. There's space for three cartridges and a stylus too, but gamers wanting to keep their console protected while they play should look elsewhere.

This is a mixed bag from Snakebyte, with some good elements — chiefly the USB charger and telescopic styluses — and some not-so-good ones. If you're not bothered about earphones or a case, this isn't a bad investment, but if you're considering picking it up for those two accessories you'll be disappointed.

Snakebyte provided a 3DS Starter Pack for review purposes.