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WayForward Drawing Up Spongebob Game for uDraw and 3DS

Posted by James Newton

No more Mr Squarepants

THQ's uDraw GameTablet is causing quite a stir in North America where it's proved hard to find for many, and it's sure to sell bucketloads more once THQ's next title for the tablet, SpongeBob Squigglepants hits the shelves.

Developed by WayForward – A Boy and His Blob, Shantae: Risky's Revenge and so on – the game will take a WarioWare Smooth Moves-esque approach, challenging players with a series of "nanogames" played with the graphics tablet itself.

The game is released on 12th April, with a version for 3DS also scheduled for later on in 2011.

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. - Fans of the shenanigans in Bikini Bottom will laugh their squigglepants off when the immensely popular uDraw GameTablet for Wii combines with the world's most popular cartoon character in SpongeBob SquigglePants, scheduled to debut April 12 from THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI).

Only the uDraw GameTablet can offer a SpongeBob SquarePants experience like this: Players will tilt, flip, shake, roll, flick, sketch, tap, trace and draw their way through more than 100 "nanogames" set in six zany worlds. SpongeBob SquigglePants takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of the uDraw, one of the most popular Wii accessories.

SpongeBob SquigglePants frenetically races players through a dizzying series of nanogames, which give them mere seconds to finish before moving right on to the next. As the experience progresses, each nanogame becomes faster and faster. Within this rapid-fire succession of nanogames, SpongeBob SquigglePants also treats players to never-before-seen SpongeBob art styles from the Nickelodeon vault. It's the first time fans will see "Pixel Bob," inspired by the 8-bit world of video games; "Punk Rock Bob" and "Comic Book Bob," which turns the denizens of Bikini Bottom into super heroes; and many more.

The entire SpongeBob SquigglePants experience is hosted by the live-action character Patchy the Pirate, who not only guides players through the game, but also makes surprise appearances and interacts with players as they tackle the huge array of nanogames, offering an added level of under-the-sea fun.

"SpongeBob SquigglePants gives SpongeBob fans and Wii players an experience they've never had before," said Martin Good, THQ's Executive Vice President of Kids, Family and Casual Games. "It's a collection of super-fast-paced games that capture the creative energy of SpongeBob SquarePants and let us really show off what the uDraw can do – hitting the funny bone at the same time."

Since introducing the uDraw in November, THQ has shipped more than 1.2 million units of the innovative Wii device, which turns any TV into a virtual art studio. The uDraw GameTablet is scheduled to launch in international markets in February and March 2011, providing a worldwide market for SpongeBob SquigglePants.

SpongeBob SquigglePants also lets players digitally draw, paint and color with a free-form drawing function, or choose from dozens of SpongeBob-themed stamps. With the uDraw, they create a masterpiece worthy of a place in the Bikini Bottom Museum of Art – or their own refrigerator, thanks to the uDraw's exclusive ability to export art to the Wii's SD card slot. The SD card capability also makes it possible to share artwork with friends via e-mail or save it to computer desktops.

"The uDraw is an incredibly creative device, and we're really happy to have SpongeBob be the very first cartoon character to star in a uDraw title," said Manuel Torres, Senior Vice President, Global Toys and Video Games for Nickelodeon Consumer Products.

SpongeBob SquigglePants is scheduled to debut on April 12, only for uDraw, with a suggested retail price of $29.99. A Nintendo 3DS version of SpongeBob SquigglePants is planned to be released later in the spring, giving SpongeBob fans the chance to play the hilariously frenetic experience on the go, in 3-D.

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moosa said:

Sure, why not? Although honestly I can't see how this experience would differ significantly from a similar game concept on the DS, aside from the further detachment of stylus and screen.



Phobos said:

This... for 3DS retail? To be honest, I really don't see the point. I'd more or less expect something like this to keep to the DS.



Zach said:

I love the Spongebob Squarepants television program like I love the sweet smell of an autumn afternoon



Robo-goose said:

The only thing that makes this interesting is WayForward's involvement.
I'm sure that they'll turn this game into something great, unlike what THQ would have done with it by themselves.



bboy2970 said:

I read about this on IGN yesterday and thought "meh, it looks ok I guess..." Now that I see that WayForward is the developer......well let's just say my outlook on this game just got significantly better. I might have to go buy that tablet just to play this.....



James said:

I'd love to see a real WarioWare game for the uDraw tablet, but my guess is our next one will be for 3DS.



TikiTong said:

Im a little skeptical about this,Dood's Big Adventure was very dissapointing for me.



Vinsanity said:

I like the idea of THQ busting this thing out whenever they have games for it. It sure as sh** is a better way to support the peripheral than Nintendo did with the Wii Motionplus. Or the Wii Fit Balance Board. Or the WiiSpeak mic. Or Microsoft's Kinect (see - I wasn't just hating on Nintendo).

And Wayforward can do no wrong in my mind. Plus Spongebob was awesome - the "Doodlebob" episode from Season 2 was a PERFECT excuse to do the Drawn to Life Spongebob game. I suspect it's the basis for this game too, and bring it on I say. Spongebob hasn't had a really good game since Heavy Iron were making those games for THQ. I'm certain that if anyone can do a sweet 2D Spongebob, it's the guys who gave us Shantae and Sigma Star Saga.



WarioStar said:

Well,I don't know about this.Usually,Video Games based off of Tv shows and movies.....Well..... Stink.



Big_A2 said:

Unless it's a modern day game based off an 80s franchise. We've been getting some cool 80s stuff, what with Ghostbusters and Back To The Future.

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