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New Robox Trailer as Game Launches this Friday

Posted by James Newton

1,000 Points for mechanical marvel

Dreambox Games has been hard at work on Robox, polishing the little robotic box for his big debut, and that date is fast approaching. The game launches across Europe this Friday, September 24th, for 1,000 Nintendo Points.

To celebrate, Dreambox has released a new trailer showing off some more of the game's beautiful hand-drawn art and classic 2D gameplay. There's currently no North American release date for Robox, so those of you in the Western hemisphere may choose to grind your teeth through this undeniably beautiful trailer.

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EdEN said:

Looks interesting. Let's see what the reviews have to say.



Omega said:

Yes. It really looks interesting. Not the graphic quality of a LostWinds or Jett Rocket but still kinda nice. I only hope that the developers are not infected with the "hardcore" and the "you should die a lot" virus.



Yasume said:

Aside from the stupid character you control, this certainly looks good. As much as I love platformers though, I'll still await a review.



accc said:

Looks great! "Explore 3 different enviornments" doesn't seem like much of a selling point, though. Maybe they should have said "explore as many different enviornments as Metroid: Other M" instead



Paperclip said:

If this gets good reviews, I'm totally picking it up with Bit. Trip Fate (or Fluidity)

Wait a second, @Omega, how can you say the graphics don't have the same 'quality' as Lostwinds, or Jett Rocket. I liked those art styles, but Robox has a much more unique style. Jett Rocket was about as bland as you could get, despite being 'techinically' appealing graphics.

(and I hope it's difficult, those two were on the easy side, and I kinda want something that can compare to the Bit. Trips.)



SandMan said:

Looks great. Am I disappointed we Americans have no release date in sight? Not really, we have La-Mulana to look forward to.



Fuzzy said:

I had forgotten about this game. Looking forward to it.
This reminds me though- is there any news of when Toki is coming out?



Omega said:

@Starcross64: Yes, I really meant the graphics don't have the same technical quality because they are not using the (3D-) capabilities of the Wii. If you prefer 2D-style then this one may appeal more to you. After all, it's a matter of taste. I like those 3D games and I like them kinda easy. But it's just my opinion. If you like something else: No problem.



imapterodactyl said:


So people don't spend their money on crap, perhaps? I understand the point you're trying to make, but not everybody can throw money at every game that looks like it might be interesting without having some general idea of the product's actual quality. Sure, people should form their own opinions, but that's difficult without demos, and generally if 10 different sites all give a game a negative review, you can bet it's probably bad. And vice versa.

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