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Watch Dr. Wily's Between-Game Preparations, D.I.Y.-Style

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

WarioWare creations guide him through the evil lair setup process

Oh, that Dr. Wily, always up to no good with his evil Robot Masters and his bushy eyebrows. With the amount of smackdowns he's had from Mega Man, you'd think he'd give up the ghost on his crazy plans for world domination sooner or later.

Instead, Wily is like clockwork cartoon evil, and NeoGAF poster jarosh has captured the doc ticking away the time until his next Mega Man encounter. Taking "around 100 hours" to put together these nine WarioWare D.I.Y. minigames, the end result is so great that Mega Man fans the world over owe high fives shall they ever pass jarosh in the street or on a forum.

There's a bunch of information on the video's YouTube page, which we recommend checking out after watching the video.

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TKOWL said:

Holy crap, those are awesome. That guy is amazing with his sprite art, puts all my games to shame



noblo601 said:

This is so impressive. I am pathetic, I can barely figure out how to make the games work when I try and make games...



Punny said:

That does it. Capcom needs to make Dr. Wily: The Game with this guy in charge! They should include eyebrow-trimming as a mini game.



NintyMan said:

Those are spectacular. This makes me wish I was better at making sprites. Wonderful job!



sonic_brawler95 said:

This makes me wanna play this again! I don't play D.I.Y. much anymore because my DS doesn't work with my current Wifi. :/
But when my Nintendo wifi usb thingy comes in the mail, I'll finally finish the two games I've been slacking away from. Enough is enough!
On topic: These games look great.



MeloMan said:

Man, these are so so rediculously sweet, and yes, as a Mega Man fan it is my DUTY to download ALL of these... I hadn't played WW:DIY in a minute anyway

Where's my eyebrow scrunching excerise minigame?



MeloMan said:

Wow... he even knows about the infamous "jump through a boss gate"... I thought I was the ONLY person that always did that!

Now if this were Mega Man X, I'd dash through the gate !)



Chris720 said:

Very, very nice! I love how he got the whole thing to work so well, it looks like actual minigames from the MM series due to how he did it so well... I could never do anything like that, that's just amazing!

Well done him!

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