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Ivy the Kiwi? Gets Release Date

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Unique platformer is on the way

XSEED Games have just announced that their upcoming Wii and DS releases of Ivy the Kiwi have officially gone gold and are set to be released at North American retailers on August 24th.

Ivy the Kiwi is a unique platforming title created by legendary Sonic creator Yuji Naka along with his Prope Studio developers and is set to retail for $29.99 for the Wii version and $19.99 for the DS release.

We'll have a full preview of both the Wii and DS versions of the game early next week, but until then you can check out the press release below for more information on the titles, along with a host of the latest screenshots on the individual game pages.

You can also check out for more information on the games.

XSEED Games is pleased to announce today that Ivy the Kiwi? has gone gold and will begin shipping to retailers across North America August 24th, 2010. Ivy the Kiwi? will be available on Wii for the suggested retail price of $29.99 and on Nintendo DS for the suggested retail price of $19.99. Developed by PROPE, the development studio led by the legendary creator of Sonic Yuji Naka, Ivy the Kiwi? is rated “E” for everyone.

An eye-catching game inspired by classic children’s tales and hand-drawn art, Ivy the Kiwi? follows the storybook adventures of lonely baby bird Ivy as she traverses beautiful 2-D landscapes and challenging obstacles in search of her mother and identity. In a nod to classic adventure tales and heroines before her, Ivy begins her journey against great odds and with a grand entrance—a great fall from the sky. From the forest floor amidst a bed of leaves, her journey begins. It becomes quickly apparent that Ivy is alone. Frightened and unable to fly, she sets off through a dreamy forest on foot—or is it claw? Many creatures peek from behind leaves and rocks to investigate the mysterious little creature, but none with the same fiery red coloring as she. As she wanders, Ivy stumbles upon a single red feather, the first clue to her mother’s whereabouts and the catalyst of the little heroine’s quest.

Players of all ages are encouraged to aide Ivy on her journey, utilizing the Wii Remote or Nintendo DS stylus to create the stretchy and flexible vines that propel Ivy forward, over and through obstacles before her. Players encounter crows, rats, raindrops and more, all of which aim to hinder Ivy’s progress. But every story’s hero finds a way, and Ivy soon finds an ally in the unlikeliest of places—the strange vines that erupt forth to guide, protect and propel her on her way. As skill improves, players must more carefully and quickly manipulate the trusty vines in new ways and utilize the game’s distinct mode of transport.

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Xkhaoz said:

Cool. But I have two questions. 1. What is the difference between the Wii and DS versions, and are they going to come out with the WiiWare and DSiWare versions?



Corbs said:

They're both basically the same game. One uses the Wii Remote as a pointer and the other uses the DS touchscreen. Other than that, the differences are very minor. I'm playing both the Wii and DS versions now and should have the preview up on Monday or Tuesday.



accc said:

I thought this was supposed to be for Wiiware? It looks fun, but I'm not convinced it'll be worth $30. After all, it was originally released for cell phones.



Oregano said:

@accc: Mini versions are being released on the Wiiware and DSiware that don't have all the content.



EdEN said:

I'll be getting the Wii version. Any news on the supposed Wiiware and DSiware versions?



WolfRamHeart said:

@Corbie: Which one do you like better, the Wii or DS version? I'm leaning towards buying the DS game. It just seems that it would control better with the stylus.



Corbs said:

I think the DS version controls a bit better, as the touchscreen offers a bit more precision. On the other hand, the Wii version with the pointer has a nice flow to it as well. If I could only have one, I'd take the DS version, but just barely.



Adam said:

Is this more puzzle- or action-oriented? It sounds a lot like Yoshi Touch N Go in concept, which would make it a day one buy for me, if so. I'm really looking forward to those impressions.

I'd of course rather this on WiiWare, even at $15-20, but $30 isn't bad. Hooray for quality budget titles!



Corbs said:

It's a bit of both. You'll have to figure out how to progress through many of the levels, especially later on in the game, but there's quite a bit of action going on in moving Kiwi around using the vines. I think if you liked Touch & Go, you're gonna love Ivy the Kiwi.



Token_Girl said:

Interested in reading the reviews to see what, if any, content was removed or changed for the DS release vs. the Wii release. If the content is basically intact in the DS game, I'll get that one for sure. Not too miffed about no downloadable releases, seeing as this is probably a game I'd like to keep.



Hokori said:

@ accc so if its released on cell phones its not promising
What about KH Coded and FF4 tay.



jbrodack said:

This looked like it would have been a better fit for wiiware but I do like that prope keeps coming out with unique titles.



Sylverstone said:

Nice pricing. I'll definitely look into it since it reminds me so much of Kirby: Canvas Curse.



RaptaGzus101 said:

first of all awesome! , but not trying to rant or anything, but kiwi's don't quite look like that, they don't have tails, they're "fur" is more smooth, and they barely have a head [they are more round around their bodies (fatter) and don't really have a neck, just a small circle on a big circle really] but anyways this has turned into a rant and I sound like a geek, so really what I'm trying to say is the developers should have had more info on the bird. But all-in-all, if it's anything like the older kiwi games then awesome!



plankton88 said:

Ehh i don' like platformers that I can't control the character. That's why I didn't like games like Kirby Canvas Curse or Lucidity.

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