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Mario Marathon Breaks Previous Donation Record

Posted by James Newton

Currently at $33,000 and counting

Exactly one month ago we told you about a Mario event run by The Speed Gamers, and now we bring you news from another Mario Marathon, this time raising money for the Child's Play charity.

In just over 52 hours of play the event has raised over $33,000, easily eclipsing 2009's total of $29,082. At time of writing the gamers are taking on some of Super Mario Sunshine's trickier stages, so consider heading to the Mario Marathon site and donating a few dollars to a good cause to make it all worthwhile.


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Kevin said:

TheSpeedGamers just had a week long marathon and raised over 56k! See if they can top that. Probably not.



Pwerlvlamy said:

I'm watching this a lot! They have do the truffle shuffle for 100$ and a rave party during a stage haha



suburban_sensei said:

Thats really cool! I know I have been watching it on and off, and it looks like they are having a lot of fun, which then makes us viewers have lots of fun. Congrats to breaking a record and to earning more for charity.



GammaGames said:

i saw that on! i didnt go to it though cus i was gonna see if my cousin was on



Aviator said:

@Sakeraf People donate money, and each level costs a certain amount of money. They play all the stages that are unlocked until there are none left and all the money is donated.



Sakeraf said:

Okay, that makes sense. This just goes to show that Mario makes the world better!

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