Multicoloured capes give better lift

With everyone and their dog being on a legal Mario high at the moment, the team over at The Speed Gamers has announced its next marathon will be taking in all the plumber's greatest titles – yes, including Hotel Mario – when it kicks off on June 11th. The plan is to take in a week's worth of constant Mario and Wario gaming, broadcast live on the Internet, to raise money for Autism Care and Treatment Today.

Although his favourite title isn't on the list to be played, previous Donkey Kong world record holder Steve Wiebe will be making an appearance during the marathon to chat about plumbing, world records and probably a tiny bit about Billy Mitchell too.

Check out the full schedule over on the Speed Gamers site and look out for the marathon starting on June 11th. European gamers notice this is the same date as Super Mario Galaxy 2's release, presenting a tough choice indeed.