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Epic Mickey Paintbrush Controller and Charging Station

Posted by Corbie Dillard

PDP gets into the Epic Mickey spirit

For those looking to get a little more into the Mickey spirit when they sit down to play Disney's upcoming Wii release Epic Mickey, PDP has just the item for you.

Performance Designed Products has created an Epic Mickey-themed Wii Remote Charge Station and an Epic Mickey Paintbrush controller to launch right alongside the game. Now you can swing your paintbrush around as if you're really inside the amazing world of Epic Mickey.

You can check out the press release snippet below for a bit more information on these two products and of course we'll be putting them through their paces when they arrive to us.


Epic Mickey follows the adventures of Disney’s beloved character as he ventures into the Wasteland with magical paintbrush in hand to right the wrongs within the animated landscape. To celebrate Mickey’s return, PDP is creating two very special items to complement the game: a Paintbrush controller and a Wii remote charging system.

Epic Mickey Remote Charging System

Charge your Wii Remote controller and illuminate the night with the Epic Mickey Wii Remote Charging System. This iconic collectible features our mischievous hero, Mickey Mouse, and his nemesis, the Evil Blot.

  • Wii Remote Controller Charger
  • Batteries Included
  • Collectable design with official Epic Mickey theme
  • Removable Mickey Mouse Figure
  • Light-Up Head
  • Rubber Texture for Safety
  • Charges with Leash attached

Epic Mickey Paintbrush secondary controller for the Nintendo Wii System

Break free from the Mad Doctor’s clutches, set out in pursuit of the mysterious rabbit Oswald, and defeat the Evil Blot with the Epic Mickey Paintbrush Wii secondary controller for the Nintendo Wii System. This iconic collectible is modeled after Mickey Mouse’s paintbrush in the game, and features a 3 foot cord, and a safe and soft foam tip.

  • Fully functional Wii secondary controller
  • Collectable design with official Epic Mickey theme
  • Soft tip for safety
  • Tooled wood-grain texture
  • 4' cable connects to any Nintendo Wii Remote

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Ickaser said:

The paintbrush looks cool, but isn't the in-game paintbrush controlled with the Wiimote pointer and not the nunchuck?



LOVEoo said:

Charging Dock will be mine! Only wished it charged more than one at the same time.



Magicpegasus said:

@Ickaser: Yeah, I think you're right. When I first saw this thing, I thought it was a paintbrush remote. A paintbrush nunchuck doesn't make as much sense.



Alphack3r said:

lolz...I wonder if it would effect how well I play SSBB...I bet it would give u power-ups n the 'art-ish' levels (Hannenbow, Pictochat...)!
Funny that they've never done this sorta thing for any other (possibly more worthy) games... 0.o

EDIT* : Sry, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom /did/ have the fight pad thing but this seems a little more extravagant...



Corbs said:

I'll admit, I too thought it was a paintbrush Wii Remote. Not sure how this works as a Nunchuk to give an authentic feel. Hmmm.



Klapaucius said:

This was in the other Tron Wiimote article, too.
I like the look of the paintbrush nunchuck



EdEN said:

The Paintbrush nunchuck looks great but yeah the paintbrush is actually on your Wiimote so that doesn't make sense. The charger is something else and would even get bought just as a collector's piece to be displayed.



IanUniacke said:

That charger looks awesome and I could use a second charger so I think I must buy one of those.



Splat said:

The charger is pretty cool but the Nun Chuck isn't really a need.



123chrisrules said:

i just bought the paintbrush nunchuck at sears for $15.00 and it looks great when i play epic mickey

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