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Nintendo Download: 13th & 14th April 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Scribbling and monster fish for Wii, with a bit of zookeeping for the DSi next week in Japan

Japan's release schedule this year has calmed quite a bit from the dozen-plus release weeks seen last year, but even so next week is more akin to some of the droughts seen in Europe and North America in the past with only three downloads across both Wii and DSi next week; two of which are catch-up titles.


Rakugaki ☆ Hero (800pts - Marvelous Entertainment) – Renamed "Scribble Hero" for Japan, this is of course Max and the Magic Marker (sporting a 200 Point discount). We certainly think it deserves to be a member of the World Game Parade – read our review to see why!

Virtual Console

Darius Twin (800pts Super Famicom - Taito) – Darius' giant mecha-fish boss blasting comes to the Super Famicom. Easier than Darius II thanks to a more forgiving power-up system that lets players regain power-ups after death and featuring pretty much the same structure as Darius II with half the levels, there's not really much of a draw if you already have the excellent Super Darius II for the PC Engine CD which is on the Virtual Console for the same price.


Dōbutsuen o Tsukurū (800pts - Gameloft) – Known as Zoo Frenzy elsewhere, Build a Zoo is all about, well, building a zoo! Read our Zoo Frenzy review to find out why we thought it was worth a purchase.

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Malouff said:

I hope Rakugaki ☆ Hero (Max and the Magic Marker) does good in Japan.



JamieO said:

@Sean Aaron Sorry for being forward, but is Darius Twin going to get your review treatment, mate? I know that it is not considered to be the most ambitious iteration of Darius, but I am still interested in reading about it.

I really enjoy reading your Japanese Virtual Console review coverage. You did a great job covering Ironclad and lots of us finally got to play that, after reading your review. I hope that other Japanese exclusive VC games make it to Western Wiis and I think that Nintendo Life review articles have an important role in helping promote these releases.

Also, just out of interest, is Namco's arcade cute-'em-up Ordyne on the Japanese VCA?
I downloaded the PC Engine game on Virtual Console after reading Dazza's review and I am really interested in the arcade version of this title. Its arcade release looks really impressive on You Tube, noticeably better that the PCE game, and technically strong considering it was released in 1989.



Sean_Aaron said:

Ordyne is indeed out on the VCA in Japan and I have purchased it. The PC Engine version looks pretty good, but the place where most arcade games exceeded its capabilities at the time is generally in the audio department, so I had to plump for the arcade one.

I probably won't be taking the plunge on Darius Twin given I have both Super Darius and Super Darius II and Darius Twin doesn't seem to be offering me much new; even if I did after Ironclad showed up so soon after I think getting an import review up would be a tall order. It's always possible one or more Darius games could appear in a future Hanabi festival!



JamieO said:

@Sean Aaron Cool Sean, I hear you completely regarding my question about Darius Twin.

The sound effects of arcade Ordyne really pop out of the speakers, even when watching it through a You Tube video, so I imagine it is a fun listen through your TV. The main track is nice and catchy, it is pretty much perfect for a cutesy shooter.

Thanks for your reply, have a fun weekend gaming on your Japanese Wii.



JamieO said:

Hi @Banana_Jane, are you referring to the Canadian Virtual Console service?

It is just that when I read Sean's comment, I came away thinking that he was saying he has played Super Darius II on his Japanese Virtual Console. I did a bit of checking online and my understanding is that the PC Engine CD Rom game is definitely on Japanese VC. I think it costs 800 Wii points, which is exactly the same information Sean gave in this news article. With it being a Japan based piece of news, then I believe that he is referring specifically to that region.

Apologies if I have made any errors here, because I do not own a Japanese Wii to check my information through their VC. Cheers.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yep, Super Darius and Super Darius II (which are so arcade-like it's scary) are both available as you say JamieO, and I like them very much. Now if Taito were to give some more love to the VCA with something like Darius Gaiden (among many others), that would be truly excellent.

The Japanese Wii isn't getting much play lately due to my continuing backlog; with Monster Hunter Tri, No More Heroes 2 (and the desire to replay the first one) and Sin & Punishment releasing in the near future I don't see that changing any time soon (though I do intend to fully review Fantasic Cube for my blog at some point).



JamieO said:

@Sean Aaron I really like the Taito Legends 2 comp., it enables me to play Darius Gaiden on my PS2. I would love it if Taito brought an arcade compilation disc to Wii.

I am with you in hotly anticipating Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, it is possibly the title I most look forward to in 2010.

All the UK/EU gamers will get to play it on May 7th, a month before its US release, which is cool. I will buy it on its US release of 10th June, which is listed on my Canadian exporters site, though obviously it will take a week, or two to be internationally shipped to me.

Therefore, by the time I actually play it, I will have had loads of feedback from all of the NLifers, about what to look forward to. I don't mind being late to the party, I simply look forward to the NLife review and to booting up some Treasure Wii disc magic for the first time.

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