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Kaasa Health to Release Balance-Based WiiWare Game and Mat

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Stop falling down all the time with the help of this new title

We've received word that German company Kaasa Health is developing a new series of balanced-based fitness games for WiiWare and a newly designed fitness mat for placement atop the Wii Balance Board. The products were developed in conjunction with therapists and doctors from the Dr. Becker Clinic company. You can watch a preview of their debut title Physiofun below.

According to the official English site:

Physiofun Balance Training is also excellently suited for post-rehab care of patients that visited physiotherapists and private rehab centres. Instead of bringing home expensive specialised equipment, important exercises for patients recovering from, for example, foot, knee or hip complaints can now be carried out in a fun and entertaining way.

No release date has been announced for this title, but stay tuned to Nintendo Life as we'll keep you up to date with information on all future developments.

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Sean_Aaron said:

No doubt I'll be reviewing this. The physiotherapy seems to be the big selling point for this release, so we'll have to see what that's like.

I'm initially left wondering what's offered that you don't already get with the Wii Fit Plus pack-in...



Atlantis1982 said:

>.> Might be interesting; if it does work well, maybe I won't lose my balance much with those yoga poses on Wii Fit (Yes, I play Wii Fit).




I hope you DON'T have to buy the extra "peripheral" to play this game. Wouldn't Miis have been better? Then again, that may be stepping on wii fit;s toes a bit.



jangonov said:

Kaasa has lost all focus. They released flashlight, which just turns on the screens. That is what the power button is for. Then they show this, which from the trailer, looks to offer nothing more than wiifit but requires the balance board. There is a very good chance if you have a balance board, you own wiifit, so what is the point?

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