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Flipper Competition Winners

Posted by James Newton

Who grabbed the goodies?

You may remember a few weeks ago we launched a competition, in collaboration with Hugo Smits of Flipper fame, to win some very cool prizes relating to his goldfish-seeking voxel-blasting title. Well, the final decisions have been made and we can now reveal the winners!

Winner 1: Gerardo Moraila Cruz (known as abgar here at Nintendo Life!)

Winner 2: Jaisohn

Runner-up: Chad Acosta

Runner-up: Joe Smith

Runner-up:Julio Morataya

Runner-up: Sam Levatich

Congratulations to all those who won prizes; Hugo will be in touch shortly. Want to see the awesome papercraft photos? Head over to GoodbyeGalaxyGames's site to see some truly inspiring shots, and congratulations again to all the winners.


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Morpheel said:

omg, a photo i took is in NL's front page! XD
This is the first time i win a contest, so im very happy!



Morpheel said:

Well, i'm obviously gonna use 500 for flipper, the rest goes to charity i dont know yet.
I think it's a Flipper game box (like the ones the DS retails are in the stores) with a 2000 points card.



SuperPeach said:

@ abgar Congrats!

@ JulioMorataya Wow, I wish I had the boxes to all my games. Unfortunetly I got all of mine used so they didn't come with boxes.



Supermegaman said:

Nice job winners!
To bad runner ups get nothing... maybe if i had had a better camera than my DSi...



Morpheel said:

from the images i can tell you that at least 80% of the winners and runner ups used their DSi's to take the photos, i did.



fishman100 said:

congrats dude! i took a pic with a normal camera but used the dsi to edit it, heh.
congrts to all finalists and semifinalists! it was cool seeing them pics!

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