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Get Heard on the Nintendo Life Podcast!

Posted by James Newton

Speak up about the DS for our next show!

Next month the DS console is five years old in Europe, and to celebrate we're going to be hosting a special DS edition of the podcast.

We'd love to hear your memories and thoughts on the DS on the show. What's your favourite DS game? How do you think the console has changed gaming? Do you have any special memories of the DS?

You can get involved in one of many ways. If you have Skype, call the username NintendoLife and leave a voicemail message.

Don't have Skype? Record your thoughts on your PC and send them in an email to the podcast team.

Really don't like the sound of your own voice? Feel free to email or message them to us on Twitter and we'll do our best to read some out on the show.

The next show will be up on Monday, March 1st, so you have nearly two weeks to get your messages in to us. Celebrate the DS with Nintendo Life!

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Chunky_Droid said:

It'll be great to hear some of your voices you lot, then every initial impression we get from all of you and how you should sound will crash and burn!

Just kidding, this sounds like a blast! Might even leave a message myself.

NOTE: I do not sound like a Russian Boxer who's had too much to drink



TKOWL said:

Can someone tell me exactly how to get my voice on here not via Skype?



y2josh said:

@Dragoon: If you wanted to know so badly you should have read the article. Not being a smart arse or anything.

"Don't have Skype? Record your thoughts on your PC and send them in an email to the podcast team."



James said:

If you're using a PC, your best bet is probably to record in voice recorder or download a program like Audacity - record your piece, save it to your PC and email it over!

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