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Marvelous Sells Stake in Rising Star Games

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Story updated: Rising Star keep Marvelous rights

Editorial note: Earlier today we ran a news piece saying Marvelous Entertainment had sold their 50% stake in Rising Star Games to Japanese publisher Intergrow, who also have part-ownership of Gamebridge. We later removed the story as we were seeking additional clarification from Rising Star Games, which we have now received.

Although Marvelous are now switching to a licensing model, Rising Star have confirmed they have secured a deal to continue publishing Marvelous Entertainment games in the UK. Speaking to MCV, Managing Director Martin Defries said:

I am delighted to have secured further additional backing from an important Japanese company, whilst continuing our content relationship with Marvelous Entertainment. It is further vindication that Rising Star Games has the right strategy, outlook and prospects. We've an exciting release line-up for the next quarter and will soon make announcements for product due later in 2010 that emphasise our growth and optimism

So there you have it - Rising Star will still publish high-profile series such as Harvest Moon and other quality Japanese releases from Marvelous. And with the company now free to pursue other avenues too, we look forward to seeing what further delights they bring to our machines in the future.


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Nero said:

Good news. Now would you kindly bring out NMH2 in Europe as quickly as possible.



City_Of_Delusion said:

I distincly remember calling this somewhere. I think it was in the comments of the first (removed) article.



citizenerased said:

"Now would you kindly bring out NMH2 in Europe as quickly as possible."

I second that. I've been reading spoilers all over the place, so so hyped! Sucks that we're gonna have to wait a few months. I'm just praying we get to play it this year. Uncensored, because I'm playing the first again and the after-battle cutscenes make so much more sense in the NTSC version =/



Bankai said:

So that editorial commentary about Rising Star sales not performing adequately was a bit premature, huh?

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