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The Swords & Soldiers Goodie Bag: What's Inside

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you want to be known as Insane Uber Pwner, better get all achievements!

If you've been keeping up with the news, you'll know that Swords & Soldiers features 25 special achievements, earned by accomplishing some special feats. Collecting all of these gives you a code, which can then be e-mailed to the developer, Ronimo Games, for a chance to win a prize. The first 3 Europeans/Australians and first 3 North Americans to send in the code get a goodie bag automatically for being so fast - After that, winners will be picked randomly every month.

Naturally, since the game has already been out in Europe for multiple weeks, plenty of people have already gotten all achievements. In fact, the third and fourth players to send in their codes were so close to each other time-wise, that Ronimo Games decided to give the fourth person a goodie bag too.

A certain person at Nintendo Life who was lucky enough to be one of the winners got his goodie bag today. Let's see what's inside so you know what you can also try to get:

A two-sided poster - One side has the Ronimo Games strike team's autographs, the other side acknowledges your gaming skills.

Aztec hot sauce stickers and a Ninja Monkey badge.

Perhaps the greatest prize ever - A Chief Meat apron.

That's right, the goodie bag contains an apron with Chief Meat on it! We hear this apron is actually magical and will empower you with the cooking skills of Chief Meat himself, so what are you waiting for? Try and get one!

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Philip_J_Reed said:

Ver. jealous. Also, I don't own the game yet. So that's like...jealousy and ignorance rolled into one.



Machu said:

Jealousy and ignorance here also. Got a backlog of disc-games so downloads are out for a bit. But when I finish LKS, Tenchu, BBBP and others, this is INSTA-BUY!

Love that apron!



Adam said:

No ignorance here. The game is awesome. But I am less than awesome. I highly doubt I'll ever get all the achievements. I have four so far.



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, that apron looks fricken' awesome! I haven't downloaded this game. But the indy devs are promoting their WiiWare very well



Crazed said:

It would be cool if another NL person won the goodie bag, so an epic Chief Meat cook-off would persue.



Objection said:

I'm gonna do my best, having gotten the game last night, but those are some tough goals, and I only have 4 so far...that Viking Challenge Run is tough! I keep dying in the mid 200s...



Egg_miester said:

best game goodie bag made sadly i think i am stuck at 17 out of 25, not sure if i'll ever get survival or beserker run done




same egg

I have 22/25 and i just need lousy army with berserker run and survival..

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