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Podcast: Episode 4 - E3 Spectacular

Posted by James Newton

Well, spectacular in an aural sense, you understand.

E3 may have been and gone but that doesn't mean we're done with it, here at Nintendo Life. Quite the opposite, in fact! We've crammed all the most interesting and exciting E3-related news and announcements into one handy bite-sized podcast, perfect for catching up on anything you might have missed in the free-for-all that always surrounds E3.

Don't forget, you can subscribe to our Podcast (using itunes) or listen to it right here:

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As always we're keen to hear your feedback on the show, so let us know your ideas for improvements in the comments and we'll take them on board for the next episode, due in early July!

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Corbs said:

I love the English accent. Sounds so sophisticated. I always end up sounding like the drunk shirtless guy you see stumbling out of his trailer on COPS.



pixelman said:

Hahaha I want to hear Corbie do a podcast. Just make sure it's episode 7.

And come on, I didn't give a crap about Golden Sun. By far the most exciting DS announcement was Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, very groovy podcast! Its cool to actually hear what James Newton's voice sounds like! This is was a very good summary of Nintendo's E3 line-up! I really enjoyed listening to this, it was very informative! Good work Nintendo Life, I look forward to hearing more podcasts from you guys in the near future!



Dazza said:

James sounds quite posh for a northerner hehe

Beeeee Mario!



UVERoo said:

Awesome! Didnt know you guys had a podcast. It should be weekly!
Thanks for the RSS link too. Some sites just forget about those and only do annoying iTunes.



Damo said:

Dazza: James is a midlands boy, not a filthy northerner

Good work as always Mr Newton!



Rum_Rapture said:

@pixelman: But Bowser's Inside Story was released ages ago, really they were just reaffirming that it's coming to the West soon. Whereas Golden Sun is a series we haven't seen for ages that nobody saw coming!

Nice podcast James, though I have to ask, do you like listening to it? I hate hearing my voice back on a recording!!



James said:

@RumRapture - of course! I've been podcasting and doing radio bits for years, so I'm used to the sound of my own voice. Besides, my job is basically talking about games, so that helps too

Anyway, as a huge Golden Sun and Camelot fan it was by far the most exciting news for me. It's been six years since the last title, whereas we've had two Mario and Luigi games in that time.

As for the podcast frequency, I could maybe do it fortnightly - we don't really have a proper schedule for it at the moment, but making it more frequent certainly works for me!



Wiiloveit said:

@Damo: WHAT YOU SAYIN' ABOUT US NORTHENERS?! You goin' down, boi.

Also, you said that it was an "E3 Bumper Special", despite being the shortest podcast yet XD



Nanaki said:

Ah, we've been clever there: play it backwards and you'll get the other half of the podcast, and also something about drinking the blood of the innocents...



odd69 said:

nice! i didn't know nintendo life did podcast either.what don't you guys do?=)



James said:

Yeah, it seemed longer when I was writing it but then I guess I was so excited about everything I ripped through the script in record time.

Next episode - 40 minutes about clocks and calculators for DSi.



Modern_Legend said:

LOL very good podcast...except i dont no the host's username here. Also at 5:58-6:03 it was very funny cuz u said fitness games, fps horror games, and even fitness games...u repeated it but u made it sound so funny xD



James said:

The host's username is Prosody - I really need to start mentioning that in the podcasts!

And yeah, so many fitness games this year - Ubisoft's "Your Shape" looks like being my favourite. It's just EyeToy Play but on Wii. Three cheers for progress!

The fitness games thing was an intentional joke but so far I'm quite surprised nobody's picked up on a genuine mistake in the section about SMG2. The first person to catch it gets a hug!

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