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Mario Moves Into The Storage Business

Posted by James Newton

Koopa, Goomba and Super Mushroom want to help out.

Even though everybody complains about the price of plumbers these days, Mario obviously isn't raking enough in from the old pipes and taps, so he's expanding into storage - USB storage, to be precise.

Talented member sgedra has recently put together these super-cool and very charming Mario USB sticks, with designs including a dopey Koopa Troopa and Mario punching the air, presumably in celebration of his decent 4GB capacity.

Although not the cheapest of USB sticks - weighing in at about $55 USD - but they are some of the coolest we've ever seen, and you can even plug Mario's base into the ? Block extension to give him a little extra reach (at a little extra cash).

If you're after a little more POW in your pocket storage, pop on over to sgedra's page and order yourself up a little treat. And maybe one for us whilst you're at it...


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grenworthshero said:

I'm as big a Nintendo fan as any, but I'm not sure it's worth 55 bucks. Oh, wait. I am sure. It's not.



Drake said:

Obviously this is just modified merchandise, I bought all of them about two years ago. There's also Luigi and a green pipe.



James said:

Yep, I've got a Mario stood on a ? Block that makes noises, but all the same, I sure wish I could store some .doc files on it!



Starwolf_UK said:

I feel you're overpaying for the effort part but that is a bulk of the cost.

Btw, the pictured item will cost you $74 since it is $19 for the ? block USB adaptor thing (I think a USB hub using ? and brick blocks would have been more useful)



SmaMan said:

Now why shouldn't you be able to plug these into the near-useless USB ports in the back of the Wii? (Without using Homebrew that is.)




Cool but i will also say way too much,i do not see these selling for 55 bucks but 15-20 maybe.



metakirbyknight said:

This has inspired me. I'll stuff 4GB into a plush mushroom and sell it for much less money. As much as I love these, not that I own one, I will now proceed to criticize them. A 4GB Flash Drive costs $20. Then you're buying a USB Extension Cable costing another $15. Of course the merchandise cost about $5 a peice. So if you buy an extension and a flash drive it should cost $45 dollars not $79 dollars. So you're paying them $34 dollars for their effort. Perhaps the creator did not realize this, but there are ways of making these cheaper, like cutting the extension out of the loop and a cord coming out of Mario's head. Which would make it cheaper and more attractive to her target audience.

Anyway, wow, 21 sales.

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