Even though everybody complains about the price of plumbers these days, Mario obviously isn't raking enough in from the old pipes and taps, so he's expanding into storage - USB storage, to be precise.

Talented etsy.com member sgedra has recently put together these super-cool and very charming Mario USB sticks, with designs including a dopey Koopa Troopa and Mario punching the air, presumably in celebration of his decent 4GB capacity.

Although not the cheapest of USB sticks - weighing in at about $55 USD - but they are some of the coolest we've ever seen, and you can even plug Mario's base into the ? Block extension to give him a little extra reach (at a little extra cash).

If you're after a little more POW in your pocket storage, pop on over to sgedra's etsy.com page and order yourself up a little treat. And maybe one for us whilst you're at it...

[via kotaku.com]